Can You Flush Tucks Pads Down The Toilet?

Tucks pads refer to medicated tucks personal cleansing pads that have witch hazel for immediate soothing relaxation from itching as well as discomfort caused by hemorrhoids and rectal and vaginal diseases. Witch hazel is generally used to give relief from minor pain, bleeding, and swelling. The ultra-soft tucks pads are also very helpful for personal hygiene and gentle cleansing.

Can You Flush Tucks Pads Down The Toilet?

You should not flush tucks pads down the toilet because it can cause havoc to the septic system of your home and the sewer system of your city. Although it may not seem to be an immediate problem, it may arise later over time. Even if the wet tucks pads do not get caught in your pipes or block the drain, it can still cause some damage when it reaches the sewer system.

Are Tucks Pads Good For You?

Tucks pads are helpful to get rid of irritation, burning, and itching caused as a result of hemorrhoids or bowel movements. They are also used for the purpose of cleaning the outer vaginal region especially after giving birth to a child. Tuck pads can again be used for cleaning the rectal region after rectal surgery. However, you need to keep in mind that tucks pads are for external use only.

Is It Okay To Use Tucks Pads Daily?

Yes, it is okay to use tucks pads every day if it is advised by your doctor. In case of skin irritation, you can apply it up to three to four times a day to the affected area or as directed by the physician. In case of hemorrhoids or anal diseases, you can apply it up to four to five times a day to the affected area normally after each bowel movement or as directed by the physician.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Tucks Pads?

As per reports, tucks pads do not have any such side effects. Although a few minor incidents caused due to overusing this product have been heard of, no serious allergic reaction has been reported so far. However, it is still recommended to follow the guidelines of your doctor while using the tucks pads and consult with him if you experience any kind of effects that you do not like.

How Can Tucks Pads Help After Giving Birth To A Child?

After childbirth, the new mothers suffer from vaginal soreness, pain, and swelling. So it becomes very important to clean the area properly in order to avoid infection. Tucks pads are hypo-allergic, pH balanced, and also dye-free to clean the sensitive area gently. Moreover, the witch hazel formula of these pads not only protects the skin but also cools the irritated areas.

Final Words

First, you need to clean the affected area with water and mild soap. Then dry the area with the help of a soft piece of cloth. Thereafter, you can apply the tucks pad to the affected area externally. You can also fold the pad and use it for as long as fifteen minutes as a compress. You can use tucks pads a maximum of six times every day unless your physician otherwise directs.

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