Can You Flush Ziploc Bags Down The Toilet?

Ziploc Bags are very helpful for storing food items like sandwiches, snacks, etc. When it comes to disposing of these bags, is it good to flush Ziploc bags down the toilet? Read this article to get the answer to this question.

Can You Flush Ziploc Bags?

Ziploc bags are resealable plastic storage bags that cannot be flushed down the toilet. These bags are sealed with interlocking ridges or grooves made of plastic which can create a lot of trouble in your pipes if flushed down. Plastic will never dissolve or disintegrate which can cause large fatbergs in some cases leading to drain and sewer flooding.

Ziploc Bags were invented by Steven Ausnit who was born in Romania and a student of Harvard University. In the year 1968, the Dow Chemical Company originally developed and test marketed these bags. Presently, the Ziploc bags are produced by S. C. Johnson & Son and the inventor Mr. Steven Ausnit is now a multi-millionaire of New York.

What happens if a Ziploc bag is flushed down the toilet?

When you flush a Ziploc bag down the toilet, there are chances that the bag may cause blockage in the lateral pipe. You might not notice this effect immediately but can come to your notice in 1-3 days. Human wastes face difficulty to flow due to space occupied by the bag stuck in the pipe. Hence waste starts to accumulate in the pipe and start to outflow from your toilet.

Do Ziploc bags break down?

Ziploc bags are made of plastic material. As plastic material is not biodegradable, these bags can’t break down easily. According to scientists, plastic bags may take 300 to 1000 years to degrade in landfills. These are not exact data as plastic products are around 50-60 years old only.

What Are Ziploc Bags Used For?

Ziploc bags can be used for several purposes like organizing supplies of craft in quarts. These bags can also be used for easy storage of different types of sandwiches and snacks. Ziploc bags help in keeping all the tiny pieces of sandwiches or snacks together so that they can be preserved safely in a plastic drawer or a shoebox or hung on the clip of a closet or rod.

How Is A Ziploc Bag Made?

The first step is to melt down polyethylene plastic to a level where it can be easily bent. Thereafter it is poured in an extremely fine shape in the form of the Ziploc bag which you want to make. Thicker and stronger plastic is then used in a separate mold to make the closure of these bags. Finally, the closures of the tracks are fixed to the edges of the bags and your Ziploc bag is ready for use.

Will A Ziploc Bag Keep Your Phone Dry From Water?

Yes, Ziploc bags are often used to protect your phone from water or any kind of liquid by keeping it dry. In fact, these bags are known as the most amazing and cheapest waterproof case for even your costliest iPhone. You will have to just keep your phone in an airtight Ziploc bag and go out in the rain or even swim in the water without any fear of losing your favorite device.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Ziploc Bags?

You can find a variety of sizes of Ziploc bags in the market. The ranges of Ziploc bags start from half a gallon, one gallon, and two gallons. You can also find the quart size and pint capacity of bags. Now it is up to you to decide which size will be best suitable for your particular purpose. The only thing to be kept in mind is that all these bags are not strong enough to be used in the freezer.

Final Words

Ziploc bags are also called Ziplock bags and they are made in various sizes for use with various products all over the world. In the United States, it is officially known as a zip-top bag while in the United Kingdom, it is called a grip seal bag. They are also known as sandwich bags or storage bags in some places and the bigger bags are called Jumbo. It is not good to flush Ziploc bags down the toilet.

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