Can You Flush Pubic Hair Down The Toilet?

Are you trying to cut pubic hair and confused about where to throw pubic hair? You may be thinking to flush your pubic hair down the toilet. Is it a good or bad idea? Let us see the answer in this article.

Can You Flush Pubic Hair Down The Toilet?

No, you cannot flush pubic hair down the toilet as it will get caught in the pipes and clog the drain of your toilet. Just like dental floss, pubic hair also forms a type of net when you try to flush it down the drain. Moreover, pubic hair or any kind of hair never dissolves, increasing the risk of clogging your system and thereby leading to a messy bathroom.

Should You Cut Pubic Hair?

A question that often arises in the minds of the young generation is whether to shave pubic hair or not. It is the hair that grows in the genital region of the body during puberty and it is a personal preference whether to remove it or not. Although many girls prefer to shave pubic hair, science says that there is no health benefit of removing it. Moreover, these will grow back in a couple of days.

What Is The Benefit Of Having Pubic Hair?

Although science says that there is no such health benefit of shaving pubic hair, it does have a purpose. The main function of pubic hair is to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. We all know that the skin around the genital area is extremely sensitive. These hairs protect the region during movements at the time of sexual intercourse and also stop the transmission of bacteria.

What Is Basic Pubic Hair For A Female?

As per Dr. Felice Gersh, MD, who is a board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician, the pubic hair for a woman has a normal type and amount. According to her, generally pubic hair should cover the entire labia majora region up to the inside of the thighs of the body. The shape of the pubic hair is typically more or less like a triangle and extends up to the pubic bone.

Why Pubic Hair Is Curly?

As told earlier, pubic hair helps in reducing friction at the time of movements during sexual intercourse. The Director of the Institute of Men’s Health situated at Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City Mr. Brian Steixner, MD, suggests that the pheromones which are secreted from the sweat glands around one’s groin region can be captured better if the pubic hairs are curly.

What Is The Best Possible Way To Remove Pubic Hair?

If you want to remove pubic hairs from your genital region, you can consider the following options. The safest way is to trim the hairs with a scissor which will give you a groomed look. Secondly, you can shave the area and remove pubic hair which is the most popular and painless option. The other common ways to remove pubic hairs are waxing, tweezing, and using hair removal creams.

Final Words

If you are planning to remove pubic hair before the marriage, we recommend waxing at least three months prior to the wedding. The reason is that the sensitive area will become less painful during intercourse by waxing. Now if you want to stop your pubic hair from growing permanently, we recommend going for laser hair removal or electrolysis.

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