Ceiling Leaks When Toilet Flushes

A leaky toilet can cause a wet spot in the ceiling. Here are some tips to repair the problem. Sealing up the pipes and walls around the toilet will keep water from entering. Replace the flapper if necessary. Check the toilet for leaks. If you do find a leak, don’t panic. It will probably be … Read more

Can You Flush Nail Clippings Down The Toilet?

If you’ve ever clipped your fingernails in the shower, you may have wondered whether or not those clippings can be flushed down the toilet. Trying to dispose of fingernail clippings by flushing them down the toilet is a bad idea. While fingernail clippings are biodegradable and will eventually break down, they can still cause problems … Read more

Can You Flush Paper Down The Toilet?

There are many times where you might ask this question. “Can I flush Paper down the toilet?” Flushing is understandable as you can’t keep every piece of paper with you forever. They take up room in your house causing clutter, trash cans, and storage for one-time use items. Instead of letting them pile up in … Read more

Can You Flush Pills Down The Toilet?

Many people like to flush unwanted medications down the toilet because it is commonly believed that doing so is a safe way to dispose of them. While flushing your medications may seem like a waste-free option for getting rid of them, this action can be very harmful to the environment and local water supply. Can … Read more

Can You Flush Raw Eggs Down The Toilet?

The term raw eggs refer to uncooked and unpasteurized eggs. Study shows that raw eggs contain a harmful bacterium called salmonella that can lead to infections in human beings. That is why it is recommended to boil the eggs before consumption. Normally seven minutes of boiling and three minutes of frying per side is enough … Read more

Can You Flush Roaches Down The Toilet?

According to most homeowners, roaches are seen more in the toilets than in any other part of the house. They can create a lot of problems for your toilet and that is why it becomes very essential to eliminate them. You will have to adopt an effective as well as preventive elimination strategy along with … Read more