Can You Flush Toilet Paper Down The Toilet?

Toilet papers are a kind of tissue paper that is mainly used to clean the anus and its surrounding areas after the completion of the latrine. It is also used to clean the perineal region and the external genital region after the urinal or release of any other kinds of bodily fluid. Toilet papers are also used to protect your hands during the processes mentioned above.

Can You Flush Toilet Paper Down The Toilet?

Plumbers say that we should not throw anything down the toilet except toilet paper and human waste. Therefore, from this statement, it can be concluded that yes, it is safe to flush toilet paper. The reason is that it is made from paper pulp which can dissolve in the water quickly as well as easily. As a result, it is quite harmless in the sewage systems and will not clog your pipes.

What Is Toilet Paper Made From?

Toilet papers can be made from two materials, one is the virgin wood fibres and the other is the combination of the recycled paper pulp that can be mixed in the water along with chemical sulphates that help it to break down, the starches that make wet strength, and chemicals that make it white. The virgin fibre toilet papers are made from softwood as well as hardwood trees.

Is Toilet Paper Beneficial For You?

In the United States, wood is grown twice than harvested every year to make toilet paper. That is why it is a sustainable choice in the country and also easy to use. Although there are some disadvantages of using toilet paper, they play a vital role in modern life and contribute a lot to our basic daily hygiene, comfort, cleanliness, and convenience in society as a whole.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Toilet Papers?

Health experts opine that toilet papers are not able to clean your faeces completely and can leave traces behind that are not good for your health. It can lead to several health issues such as anal fissures and urinary tract infections that can be painful. It has also been observed that wiping alone is not the best way to clean yourself while its excessive use can also be harmful to you.

What Are The Different Types Of Toilet Papers?

The most common varieties of toilet papers available in the market today are one-ply toilet paper, two-ply toilet paper, three-ply toilet paper, tissue roll or Solimo toilet paper, bamboo toilet paper, brown toilet paper, unbleached toilet paper, luxury or extra soft toilet paper, recycled toilet paper, colored toilet paper, camping toilet paper, and toilet paper for sensitive skin.

Final Words

The history of toilet paper can be traced back to the second century A.D. when they were used in China for the purpose of wrapping and padding. Subsequently, the Chinese people realized that it can be used for wiping purposes also which they began in the sixth century A.D. However, in other parts of the world, toilet paper came into use as late as the eighteenth century.

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