Can You Flush Tissues Down The Toilet?

The uses of paper for hygiene purposes are known for centuries but tissues came into existence only in the middle of the 1940s. Over the years, they have become a vital part of our basic daily hygiene, comfort, and cleanliness. We use tissues every day for a variety of purposes such as paper handkerchiefs, paper towels, facial tissue, and bathroom tissue as they prevent dirt and diseases.

Can You Flush Tissues Down The Toilet?

Unlike toilet paper, tissues are designed in such a way that they become stronger especially when wet and are not capable of breaking down. So when they are thrown down the toilet, the absorbency level of tissues can result in its wads getting stuck and clogging the pipes leading to blockage of your drain. Therefore, please do not flush tissues down the toilet.

How Are Tissues Made?

Tissues can be made from wood fibre or recycled paper materials like some kinds of juice cartons, newspapers, and cardboard. The process is to roll the wet pulp using a paper machine to get the desired thickness. Then it is dried in a very big section of the machine where it is heated with steam and finally rolled into the large cylinders known as logs for cutting into the perfect size.

Is It Good For You To Use Tissues?

Tissues can be really helpful for you as it comes with several benefits. It can help in sucking dirt and oil from the face and body and thus, keep you free from viruses, bacteria, and germs. The absorbency feature of tissues is the best and it is the main reason why we use them in our bathrooms and kitchens. You can also use tissues to wipe or blow your nose on winter days.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Tissues?

The first disadvantage of tissues is that their production requires the cutting of more trees. Secondly, once a tissue gets wet, it cannot be used again. Thirdly, tissues contain bleach that can cause irritation in some people. Fourthly, if you burn tissues, it emits toxic gases that can be harmful to your health. And finally, there are some premium tissues that are really expensive for you to afford.

What Are The Different Uses Of Tissues?

Tissues play an important role in our modern life by improving the standards of comfort, hygiene, and convenience. They are used for different purposes such as facial tissues, toilet papers, hygiene tissues, table napkins, wrapping tissues, packaging industry, paper towels, road repair, and acoustic disruptors. Most of the common tissues are cheaper making them a viable choice for most homes.

Final Words

With the winter season knocking at the door, you can add tissues to your shopping list to help during the cold. Although we do not know who exactly invented tissues, its evolution can be safely linked to the invention of toilet tissue by Joseph Gayetty back in the year 1857 involving a similar process of production. Subsequently, Irvin and Clarence Scott were credited with its marketing.

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