Can You Flush Kleenex down the toilet?

Kleenex is a well-known brand in the United States that manufactures a number of products like bathroom tissue, tampons, facial tissue, diapers, and paper towels. Kimberly-Clark is the owner of the trademark of Kleenex that was launched in 1924. Presently, the products of Kleenex are manufactured in about thirty countries and are sold in over one hundred and seventy countries.

Can You Flush Kleenex Down The Toilet?

Flushing tissues such as Kleenex down the toilet is a complete ‘no’ because it is not designed to disintegrate when wet and can easily lead to clogging of your pipes. Kleenex has a strong absorbency level due to which its masses or lumps can get stuck when thrown down the drain and block your sewer line. So, it is recommended to put Kleenex in your compost pile.

What Is Kleenex Used For?

In the year 1924, Kleenex was originally designed to be used as a cold cream remover. Gradually it has become popular over the years and is now used for a variety of purposes such as make-up remover, bug smasher, dry erase board eraser, cabinet duster, sticky food picker, drool wiper, tears and tantrum soother, playtime, and also during the allergies as well as the sick days.

What Are Kleenex Made Of?

Kleenex can be said to be made up of biodegradable cellulose fibres that are low in cost as well as density. One of the essential features of Kleenex is that it will not break down as easily as the bathroom tissue because it is made with an adhesive so that it can be stronger. The chemicals used in making Kleenex anti-viral tissues are citric acid and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Why Is Kleenex Good For You?

The products of Kleenex were ranked as the top performers in several tests across the board. Kleenex lotion scored the highest marks amongst all the products with its superb dry as well as wet strength. The experts who conducted those tests were also impressed by their soft hand feel. That is why the brand name of Kleenex is used interchangeably by the people for tissues.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Kleenex?

Most of the conventional tissue papers such as Kleenex are processed with chlorine bleach which is a dangerous toxin for all of us. Now, a study reveals that chlorine bleach has the tendency to create some dangerous toxins like dioxin and furans. So when you are using Kleenex tissues every day, these toxins may get stored in your body and may lead to a risky situation for your health.

Why Does Kleenex Turn Yellow?

Some people think that Kleenex tissues change over time but it is actually not so. They change their color as you are running out of tissues. In fact, all the Kleenex tissues are white and it is only when you reach the last few tissues in the box that they turn to a peachy yellow color. Kleenex tissues have no expiry date printed on the packages.

Final Words

Kleenex gained popularity in the 1950s and became the official sponsor in a famous television show in the year 1954. Thereafter, the company started to advertise the tissue successfully during daytime television programming during the 1960s. As per reports, Kleenex has generated revenue of 3.31 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2018.

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