Small House vs Tiny House – What’s the difference?

People are constantly engaging with small-sized houses nowadays. They no longer wish for 2000 sq. ft large structures with fancy equipment and luxury expenses. Instead, people are now tilting more towards a minimalist, simple, and low-budget lifestyle. When we say minimalist lifestyle, we generally refer to small and tiny houses. Amongst them, tiny houses have … Read more

Softwood vs Hardwood – What’s the difference?

Woods are a major source material of different types of construction and projects. They are used for producing different objects and have become an essential part of every construction. There can be different types of wood. However, there are two major classifications of woods. Namely, softwoods and hardwoods. Both the categories carry different woods that … Read more

Northern Ash vs Swamp Ash vs Alder Wood – What’s the difference?

Woods come in different shapes and sizes. They can have different characteristics, features, and uses. It is necessary to know their distinctions and functions to choose the one that you need. Woods can be hardwoods or softwoods. Woods like Northern Ash, Swamp Ash, and Alder falls in the category of hardwoods. They are widely used … Read more

Poplar vs Alder Wood – What’s the difference?

Both Poplar and Alder are hardwoods. They exhibit almost similar qualities that make them highly preferable and demanding. Hardwoods are a prime source of making furniture. Not only that, but hardwoods are essential in everyone’s life. Alder and poplar are both lightweight woods that are widely used to build instruments and furniture. They are also … Read more

Alder vs Mahogany Wood – What’s the difference?

Alder and mahogany are both popular in the wood maker’s world. They are hardwoods, but they belong to the soft category amongst the hardwoods. They are acknowledged for their soft nature that makes them suitable for various applications, especially furniture. Alder wood is a hardwood grown throughout different regions with different climates. They are a … Read more

Basswood vs Alder vs Ash Wood – What’s the difference?

Hardwoods are always preferred for their workability , durability, and stability. They are specially chosen for high-end furniture and applications because of their high functioning qualities. Today, we will discuss three different kinds of hardwood that stand unique positions in the wood-making world. Namely, basswood, alder, and ash are hardwoods, but unlike any other, they are … Read more

Cedar vs Pine Wood – What’s the difference?

Cedar and pine woods are amongst the most popular woods that have gained immense popularity for their workability despite being softwoods. Both are known for their unique appearances and excellent performance. Cedar is softwood that is popularly used for furniture building, and it includes several other species of wood such as red cedar, Spanish cedar, … Read more