How To Know If My Husband Is Attracted To My Sister

Getting married may be the most beautiful part of your life. But if your husband is no more attracted to you, the same relationship gets destroyed.

It takes years to build a relationship but only seconds to break it. If your husband likes someone else, it breaks your heart.

When it’s your own sister, the situation becomes worse. It breaks your heart, trust, and all the love is lost. You will find yourself in a fix and break down.

How to know if my husband is attracted to my sister?

If your husband is giving more importance, care, and time to your sister then he likes your sister.

It is never okay if your husband likes your sister. Being close with your sister is a good thing if it’s within limits. But if he is being too close and friendly with your sister then definitely something is fishy.

If you are in doubt look for these signs to know if your husband likes your sister or not.

  • Your husband is flirting with your sister .
  • Your husband is constantly conversing with your sister.
  • Your sister and husband are always together in your absence, going shopping, to the movies, or to restaurants.
  • Your husband gifts lavish presents to your sister.
  • Your sister is continually visiting you.
  • Your husband has lost interest in spending time with you.
  • He would want to spend most of his time with your sister.

These signs are the major pointers to understanding how your husband is behaving around your sister.

What to do if your husband likes your sister?

It is never acceptable for your husband to like your sister. You will feel broken from within and disgusted.

All your love for your husband and sister will die out. You will start to hate them. But instead of hating them, you should act immediately.

Approach your husband and sister before it’s too late. Ask your husband why he does not like you anymore. Make him realize that he is doing wrong and it will break your marriage.

Be strict but also soft on him. You should softly make him realize your love for him. Try to make him feel guilty for his misbehavior towards you. Gain his sympathy and show him where he is wrong.

If he accepts his fault and is ready to move ahead, it’s good. But if he shamefully accepts that he likes your sister and no more loves you then the situation is different.

If he doesn’t love you there is no use in staying with him. Marriage needs the love and trust of both persons to sustain.

When your husband wants to live with your sister and not with you, there is nothing left in your marriage. If he is not able to see what is his fault then your relationship is already over.

You should also approach your sister and ask her to cut all ties with your husband. If your sister loves you even a little she will respect you.

Final Words

It’s painful to see your husband liking someone else. But it’s always better to come out of a loveless marriage sooner.

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