Can I Adopt My Sister As My Daughter?

Older siblings tend to adopt their younger brother or sister. In most cases, it is due to the death of the parents, monetary problems, or abusive parents.

You can adopt your younger sister as your daughter. Being your sister she can stay at your home . But if you want to adopt her as your daughter, you must legally adopt her.

Anyone can legally adopt their sister as a daughter if they follow the rules. Certain guidelines must be met to legally adopt your sister.

Can I adopt my sister as my daughter?

Yes, you can adopt your sister as your daughter. If your parents are dead, incapable, abusive, or have monetary problems, you can choose to be the guardian of your younger sister.

You can be the guardian even if she stays your sister. But if you have made up your mind to adopt her, you should do it through the proper legal channel.

Kinship adoptions are encouraged by adoption agencies, institutions, and other organizations. Moreover, if you are giving your sister a good life and education you are doing a good thing.

In general, adopting anyone is considered a noble cause. In case of adopting your own sister, you will be blessed to have your younger sister as your daughter.

Your bond with your sister will get stronger and you will have a great daughter.

How to legally adopt your sister as a daughter in India?

Previously, only an orphan, abandoned, or surrendered child could be adopted. The government has recently broadened the criteria of children eligible for adoption to include a relative’s child and a spouse’s child or children from a previous marriage who have been relinquished for adoption by the biological parent(s).

In the event of “step-parent adoption,” the pair must register with the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System, which includes one of the biological parents.
They must also seek the other biological parent’s agreement to the adoption and file an adoption application with the court.

Similarly, prospective parents must obtain authorization from biological parents if they are alive, or request permission from a Child Welfare Committee if they are deceased.

The term “related” is defined as “a paternal uncle or aunt, a maternal uncle or aunt, or a paternal grandparent or maternal grandparent” under the Juvenile Justice Act 2015, from which the regulations are derived.

The age criteria for prospective adoptive parents have also been abolished to make adoption in these two categories easier.

The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1965 governs Hindu adoptions and imposes several restrictions.

When a child reaches adulthood, he or she is free to cut all ties. Aside from that, such a child has no legal right to inherit.

Final Words

Adoption is a great thing. An unfortunate child gets a life and an opportunity to build their career. By adopting your younger sister as a daughter you are giving her a second chance at life. If you are thinking to adopt your sister, go ahead as you are doing a good thing.

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