Living With Your Sister and Her Husband – Good or Bad?

Living with your sister and her husband is never a good idea. No matter how good relation you have with your sister, you are invading their life.

Living with your sister in itself is a bad idea. When she is married she has a completely new life. Your presence in her house will make it uncomfortable for both of you.

Should you live with your sister and her husband?

No, you should never consider living with your sister and her husband. Even if you are a teenager or adult it is not good to interfere in your sister’s life.

When your sister is married, she has a life of her own with her husband and kids. She needs her personal space too. They will have their lovely moments. Everyone has their family time which is different from what they have with their siblings.

You living in her house will ruin their family time. Moreover, if you are an independent adult, you will have your own life as well. Living with your sister and her husband will affect your life too.

Is it good to live with your sister and her family?

You may have a beautiful bond with your sister, but can you adjust with her husband and kids?

When you think of living with your sister and her husband, you will have to consider a few points. It is not about living with only your sister. You will be sharing the house with your brother-in-law and their kids.

They will have a different lifestyle than yours. There are times when you have to adjust. If you fail or they fail to compromise, you will end up in bad arguments. In arguments, you cannot ignore heated moments that will hurt all of you.

There are some cases where kids don’t respect their uncles or aunts. In such cases, you can’t say anything to kids or your sister.

Moreover, your sister has her personal life, friends, and her husband’s side of the family. With you living with them she won’t be able to call her friends or family over.

Also, think of how your brother-in-law’s family will react to you living with your sister. If you are a teenager, you will be a liability to your sister. You will always get sucked into the family drama of your as well as their life.

Will living with your sister and husband affect your life?

Yes, it will definitely affect your life. As an independent adult, you have your own private space. When you are living with your sister and her family, you won’t get to enjoy that private space anymore.

You cannot call your friends, or collegues over. You cannot throw parties and fun nights. You will always have to adjust to their routine and lifestyle.

Final Words

It may be a good thing to live with your sister . But living with your sister and her husband is a nightmare you don’t want to have. Moreover, her husband may not like a disturbance in their life although he might not express it openly.

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