Living With Siblings After Marriage – Good or Bad?

Living with siblings might be a good thing for some or a bad idea for others. But living with siblings after marriage is completely not a good thing.

If you are even thinking about it, drop the idea right now. Indeed, siblings have a lovely bond, but after marriage, everything changes.

Many changes happen in one’s life after marriage. Whether you want it or not marriage changes your life and personality.

You should think before moving in with your siblings after marriage.

Should I live with my sibling after marriage?

No, you should not live with your siblings after marriage. After marriage, your life changes. You have a husband, a different friend circle, and a new family.

You cannot live with your brother or sister and let him/her interfere in your life. If you are sharing a house with your sibling, he will be directly or indirectly get involved in your life.
Moreover, you will not have your personal space. You also cannot enjoy lovely moments with your husband as well.

Also, think about what your in-laws will think of your brother or sister living with you.

After marriage, you have many romantic moments with your husband. Imagine all those getting ruined because you have your sibling living with you.

If not anything else, will your husband be comfortable living with your sibling? You may have a good relationship with your sibling but will your husband adjust with him or her.

Should brothers stay together after marriage?

As brothers, you may have lived a great bro-life together. But after marriage, you have a new life.

Of course, you don’t break ties with your family after marriage. But you will have to think about your wife too.

Will she be comfortable living with your brother?

Your wife may have a good relationship with your brother but she will not be comfortable living with him.

She deserves her privacy and spending time with you. But how will she get to live a family or romantic time with you if your brother is always there between you two?

Should sisters stay together after marriage?

Sisters have a beautiful bond with one another. But after marriage, you cannot live with your sister.

Your husband might not be comfortable living with your sister . Moreover sharing a house with your young sister might be a threat to your married life.

There are many cases where the husband starts to flirt with sisters-in-law. You would not want to endanger your married life by living in the same house with your sister.

It might be that your sister and husband start to like each other. It will affect your relationship with your husband.

Even when you approach, you cannot mend the cracks in the relationship.

Final Words

Living with siblings after marriage is never a good thing. Living together after marriage will ruin both your life as well as the life of your sibling.

No one will be able to live their life freely and in the end, you might even ruin the precious sibling bond.

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