Should I Let My Sister Live With Me?

Family reunions are great for everyone. But what if you have to live with your sister?

No doubt siblings share a special bond and support each other in every situation. Living with your sister isn’t always bad . You both can create a lovely space and be each others’ company. It is always better than living alone or with some stranger.

However, on some levels living with your sister becomes uncomfortable. Today we live in a world where everyone needs personal space and time. You wouldn’t want your sibling to invade your private space all the time.

Confused if you should let your sister live with you? We will help you solve it.

Should i let my sister live with me?

No, you should not let your sister live with you permanently. No matter how much you love your sister, as adults, you cannot live under the same roof.

Nowadays, everyone wants their private space. You will lose your privacy and personal life if you start living with your sister. Slowly you will realize that both of your lives start to meddle with each other.

Moreover living together as adults means lots of compromises and arguments. No matter how much you avoid it, you will have lots of arguments with your sister. Eventually, you will ruin your relationship with your sister.

Is living with your sister a good idea?

As an independent adult, living with your sister can become a nightmare.

You will have to adjust your life according to her. You can no more live freely in your own house.

We all do late-night parties, fun nights and have secret relationships. But with a sister living in your apartment, you cannot enjoy these things.

You cannot bring your friends home, throw a house party, or spent romantic nights with your wife or husband. Also, you will be always sucked into family drama.

To worsen the situation if you are a boy, living with a sister gets more tricky. Bringing over your boys for a match or fun night gets uncomfortable for your sister.

Are there any pros of living with your sister?

For some living with a sister is a good thing. People sometimes enjoy spending quality time with their siblings. Such people have a strong bond with their sisters. They share every secret and discuss life problems. These people don’t have any problem with living with their sisters.
Keeping the cons aside, living with your sister cannot be such a bad thing. As siblings, you can build your own lovely space.

In case you are suffering from loneliness, living with your sister can be a good thing for your mental health. You will have your sister as your support system to help you come out of alienation and depression issues.

Moreover, you will be living with someone you know. In case you are new to the city, living with complete strangers is risky.

How do I tell my sister to move out?

If you are uncomfortable living with your sister ask her politely to move out. You can even help her find a safe and affordable house.


Whether living with your sister is a good or bad idea depends on your personality and lifestyle. Ultimately it is your call and you should decide after weighing down all the pros and cons.

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