Can You Flush Wipes Down The Toilet?

Many people think that there is only one type of wipe available in the market which is the baby wipe. But it is not so and there are, in fact, different types of wipes that are made for specific purposes. Although it is undeniable that soap and water are best for cleaning, these wipes can be really useful while you are traveling and also for people on the go.

Can You Flush Wipes Down The Toilet?

Never flush wipes down the toilet unless they are officially recognized as fine to flush. Now as per the plumbing experts, there is no wipe that can be termed flushable. The reason is that wipes are designed in such a way that they do not easily break down in the water and may lead to clogging of your plumbing system at home.

What Are Wipes Used For?

Wipes are used for various purposes depending upon individual needs. The wipes which are the disposal ones may be used for washing hands, cleaning different parts of the body, feminine use, applying products, removing makeups, baby care, and many other uses. There are some wipes that can also be regulated as cosmetics. The wipes are very easy and comfortable to use for everyday life.

What Are The Different Types Of Wipes?

There are different types of wipes that are used by different persons for their personal needs. The most common types of wipes are body wipes, baby wipes, cleansing wipes, medical wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, moist towelettes, facial wipes, makeup remover wipes, perfume wipes, pet wipes, cooling wipes, antibacterial wipes, intimate wipes, and the flushable wipes.

Is Wipe Safe For The Adults?

Yes, wipes can make you feel fresh as well as clean. In fact, many adult women use wipes every day for different purposes. The wipes made specifically for women are sometimes called feminine hygiene wipes. Some women are even known to use baby wipes in their daily life.

Are There Any Flushable Wipes?

According to the reports of consumers, there are four flushable wipes manufactured from Charmin, Equate, Cottonelle, and Scott. Their reviews suggest that the wipes from these manufacturers are capable of breaking down after flushing and as such, are safe in the sewer as well as septic. However, we still recommend not throwing the wipes in your drain.

How Long Does It Take To Break Down The Flushable Wipes?

Several tests have been made to know the durability of flushable wipes. They have been run in a mixer for ten minutes but still, they did not fall to pieces. Then all the four above-mentioned flushable wipes were soaked overnight and checked the next day. After twelve hours it has been observed that Cottonelle and Scott had broken down but Charmin and Equate did not.

Final Words

Wipes are something without which you cannot live but at the same time, you cannot reuse them. They are amongst the most basic items of our daily life and so it is important to know their cost. Although their prices may vary according to brands and regions, the common wipes may cost you five to six cents on average. It is recommended to buy them in a bulk in order to save money.

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