Can You Flush Vinegar Down The Toilet?

Vinegar is also used as a toilet cleaner in many parts of the world. Generally, people ask whether is it good to flush vinegar or not? Let us find the answer to this question in this article.

Can You Flush Vinegar Down The Toilet?

Yes, you can flush vinegar down the toilet. Vinegar is a substance that is safe to use in the toilet and it also removes mineral stains, grime, and dirt. You can use vinegar to deodorize your toilet and you do not even need to purchase any commercial toilet cleaner. It will not harm the bowl, inner components, or tank of the toilet. You will simply have to apply the vinegar, wait for a few minutes, then brush and finally flush it.

How Vinegar is prepared?

Vinegar is prepared by boiling ethanol which is a kind of alcohol with the bacteria of acetic acid. White vinegar can be said to contain about five to ten percent of acetic acid and ninety to ninety-five percent of water. That is why vinegar has a strong, crisp, and incredibly clean taste. The acetic acid is normally made by a process of double fermentation.

How To Use Vinegar In The Toilet?

Firstly, take half a cup of vinegar and apply it to the bowl, tank, inner components, and all other places of the toilet that you want to clean. Wait for a few minutes and then simply brush it. Thereafter, just open the water and flush your toilet twice or thrice. If you want to remove hard stains, add half a cup of borax to the water, then swish it and leave it overnight so that it can soak.

Is Vinegar Good For Your Toilets?

Vinegar is definitely good for your toilet and it can keep the place white and clean. Substances like vinegar along with borax and baking soda are known for their cleansing as well as disinfecting powers. If you can regularly use vinegar in your toilet, hard water stains will never be able to form. That is why we recommend using vinegar instead of purchasing harsh and costly chemicals.

What Kind Of Vinegar You Should Use For Your Toilet?

Whether you need to clean your toilet daily or weekly or you want to clean up grime that is weeks or months old, vinegar can easily do the job for you. We recommend you to use white distilled vinegar for your toilets as it is the best for the purpose.

Some people also use apple cider vinegar but we do not recommend it as the brown color tends to stain your toilet.

How Long You Should Leave Vinegar In The Toilet Bowl?

In order to clean the bowl of your toilet, it is recommended to put a half cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. After that, you need to spray the vinegar around the bowl of the toilet. You should leave the vinegar for a minimum of ten minutes so that it can sit there. However, if the water is hard, we recommend you wait for an hour before brushing the area and finally pressing the flush.

Final Words

Vinegar can be used for several purposes in your daily life. Some of the common use is to remove grease, mildew, stains on clothing, mold, crayon marks, copper and brash tarnish, to clean microwave, stainless steel, glass, carpeting, as a furniture polish, and also as a CD cleaner. They are also used as a weed killer, cutting flowers and for the care of pets, and cars, etc.

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