Pros and Cons of Living Near a Military Base

Military bases are a great opportunity for military families to live in a nice, safe environment. They also provide opportunities for people who want to work on the base. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of living near a military base.

Pros of living near a military base

1. Tight security

Someone living near a military base will always have the advantage of experiencing tight and strict security that offers a sense of protection and safety. No one dares to perform any mischief near a military base due to the high-end security system and the 24/7 watch service. These security checks will give a feeling of equal level of protection and safety for your family and yourself, even as a civilian.

This makes living very convenient, and the sense of safety gives you peaceful nights without any worries about criminal activities.

2. Available resources

This is another very important advantage of living near a military base. Military bases usually have all types of resources ranging from medical help, financial help, counselors, childcare, and many more.

So, living near a military base will help you reach out to these services and enjoy easy access to such efficient resources without much trouble. Also, services inside military bases are mostly free of cost or provided at a relatively reduced price. That makes living even more beneficial.

3. Good infrastructure and environment

There is a high chance of getting a pretty good infrastructure in the town near the base. This is especially due to security aspects. Since military bases require good facilities, they are always built with great infrastructural techniques. That ultimately reaches out to the entire area near the base.

Also, the environment near a base is really refreshing. It is clean, well-maintained, and well served. Not to mention, you get to see a strong family presence from every corner of the nation.

Cons of living near a military base

1. Criminal hostility

One of the major disadvantages of living near a military base is the risk of facing hostility due to criminal activity. Military bases are always a target area for criminals and terrorists. And whenever there is an attack in the base, the neighborhood is also compromised. Therefore, the problems related to that attack will affect your living condition, which may create fear and insecurities for the future.

2. Noisy environment

Although you get to live in a well-served, family-loving society, bases are usually very noisy. There will always be army parades, jet noises, cars running up and down, and many community activities going on, which can become an annoying issue.

Such situations may also make you a little warry of unknown people peeping into your household. In other words, due to an active environment, you might feel a lack of privacy.

3. Traffic

Traffic will become a normal phenomenon when you live near a military base. Especially during the morning and afternoon hours when the offices and schools start, unwanted traffic jams near your gate will become a regular hassle. And in case you are a late sleeper, every morning, you will wake up to cars and buses honking outside your gate, which can make your day a tiring and annoying one. However, once you get used to it, it may not affect you that much.

Is it good to live near a military base?

Many people believe that it is good to live near a military base. They might think that there are more job opportunities, or that it would be safer to live in a place with a military presence. However, the benefits of living near a military base are not always what they seem.

However, there are also many disadvantages of living near a military base. For example, there are more chances of being in an accident, having less privacy, and being exposed to dangerous chemicals/radiation.

Is it better to live on base or off base?

The decision to live on or off base is a personal one. Some people prefer the convenience of living on base since they do not have to worry about maintaining a home and having to commute every day. Others may prefer the peace and quiet of living off base and being able to maintain their own home and privacy.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether it is better to live on base or off base. The location of the base, the distance from the base, the type of housing available on and off base, and your personal preferences will all influence your decision.

Living on base is a good idea for people with families. They can live in a safer environment and have access to schools, childcare, and other services that are not available off base.

Living off base is the best option for people who want to live in a more natural environment with less military influence. It is also a good option for those who want to be able to go home after work without having to drive through the gates every day.

Can I live on a military base as a civilian?

You can live on a military base as a civilian if you are married to a military member and have dependents.

If you are not married to a military member and do not have dependents, you will need to find housing off the base.

If you are an officer with a family that lives at that installation then you may also qualify for this privilege.

However, if you are not related to someone who works there or enlisted in the military then it is not likely that they will let you live there.

Final Words

In conclusion, military bases can be a great place to live if you are in the military or have family in the military. They offer safety and stability that is hard to find elsewhere.

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