Pros and Cons of Living Near a Volcano

Living near a volcano is an extraordinary experience, with many benefits and some drawbacks.

Living near a volcano has many advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you will always have an up-close view of this natural spectacle. On the other hand, you may be in harm’s way if there is a major eruption.

Pros of living near a volcano

1. Mesmerizing view

When there is a volcano, there is no doubt that there will be beautiful and mesmerizing scenery that can make our jaws drop. The sight of the flowing lava is one of the most fascinating views one cannot take their eyes away from. That means living near a volcano will make that view a permanent possibility, and you can now wake up to mother nature showing her gracious gifts. While tourists pay thousands of dollars to have a glance at nature, you get to enjoy that for free.

2. Mining jobs

Volcanos add a very positive impact on the local economy. Volcanic activities constantly produce minerals and precious stones like diamonds. Minerals are very useful for batteries, fungicides, fertilizers, fireworks, etc. And diamond, of course, is one of the precious stones that all longs for. Such a condition allows the promotion of mining jobs surrounding the area. When jobs are created, the residents living near the volcano get a huge advantage of available opportunities.

3. Cheaper property

Since most people are afraid to live near a risky volcano that can erupt at any moment, the properties surrounding the volcanic area are relatively very cheap. That makes good quality homes available at low rates, making them easily affordable. So, you get to live in a good house with an amazing view at just half the price of other houses. Also, when you live in an expensive state, living near a volcano will save up all that money and help you live a happy life.

Cons of living near a volcano

1. Frequent earthquakes

One of the major disadvantages of living near a volcano is that you are faced with frequent earthquakes. When there is a volcano present, earthquakes are inevitable. Therefore, living near a volcano will need mental preparation for that. Not only that, earthquakes can be very harmful to the foundation of the house structure. That can cause destruction and damages to the entirety of living.

2. Worry of being homeless

Another most common disadvantage of living near a volcano is that you might end up being homeless when you least expect. This is because whenever there is a volcanic eruption, a moment’s notice can make you leave your house and evacuate immediately for safety. So, becoming homeless is going to be a very common phenomenon when you live near a volcano.

3. Death risks

This disadvantage is one of the most dangerous ones. Living near a volcano will always require taking risks. Activities like a sudden volcanic eruption, fissure openings, lava flow inside your house, pyroclastic flow, tsunamis, etc., will remain a major threat when you live near a volcano.

The problem with living near a volcano is that it’s not very predictable when it will erupt next. It can be very hard for some people to know if they should prepare themselves for the eruption or not.

Such activities are life-threatening and are something you might not want to mess around with. Therefore, living near a volcano will require a lot of emotional and physical stability when death is a matter of mother nature’s will, and there is nothing you can do to control it or stop it.

4. Hazardous gases and ash

Ash is the most prevalent danger as it can cause serious respiratory problems, and it may even be fatal to those with preexisting conditions like asthma.

5. Lack of warning signs

There is no way to know when the next eruption will occur, so people living near volcanoes have no idea when they might be in danger.

6. Impact on the economy

Impact on the economy due to damages such as damage to buildings and roads, closed airports, interruption of power or water supplies. These disruptions can result in loss of revenue for businesses.

Final Words

The pros of living near a volcano are that you get to watch an eruption from your own backyard, you can become an amateur volcanologist, and you have the opportunity to be prepared for the next disaster. some people may think that living near a volcano is an adventurous way to live. They may also want their children to grow up in this kind of environment.

The cons of living near a volcano are that it’s expensive to live in this area, there is no escape plan if something goes wrong, and you never know when your house might be destroyed by lava.

We need to keep in mind that each person has their own opinion about this topic and they have a different weighting of pros and cons.

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