Do Tiny Houses Have To Be On Wheels?

People are constantly engaging with tiny houses in recent times . Everybody wants to live in a tiny house and experience a minimalist life under a budget. It is a dream that most people wish for to come true.

However, before living the dream, people often get confused regarding the foundation of their tiny houses. A common question that arises is that do tiny houses have to be on wheels. Although the first image that comes to our mind when we talk about tiny houses is a house on wheels, that is not always the case. While tiny houses on wheels are a popular type of tiny house, there are other options.

However, most tiny houses are built on wheels for some reason. They are very beneficial and make life very flexible. So let us get into a detailed discussion and try to understand them and also their loopholes.

Tiny house on wheels

Tiny houses are popularly built on wheels. However, not all tiny houses have to be on wheels. It is not a compulsory rule, and it can be on a permanent foundation. It completely depends on the owner and the situations related to its usage, whether a tiny house should be on wheels or a permanent foundation.

When a tiny house is built on a foundation , they are built like a normal house. They are constructed directly on the land with the same framing techniques, and it will become a permanent structure on that piece of land. On the other hand, tiny houses on wheels (THOWs), as the name defines, are built on a trailer with wheels that make it portable.

So we see tiny houses can be both on wheels and a foundation. But since most of them are on wheels, let us try to understand the reasons behind this decision.

Benefits of tiny houses on wheels

The first and the most important reason people end up opting for THOWs is that they are easily transportable. One who wishes to move around and not settle permanently in one location can easily move their tiny house and park them anywhere, such as RV parks, campgrounds, or even in rented lands.

Another major benefit of THOWs is that the owner does not have to worry about purchasing lands. When one builds a tiny house on a foundation, the property is required or land they own. But with THOWs, one can easily rent a piece of land for a short period and leave whenever necessary.

Disadvantages of tiny houses on wheels

However, THOWs are not having all benefits. Sometimes there can be some loopholes as well. One of them would be that many states do not consider tiny houses to be permanent residences. So, even if one can move across states in a tiny house, in some states, their house will be considered a recreational vehicle. It means they allow only temporary stay, and one cannot make their THOWs their permanent dwelling unit.

Final Words

Thus, it is not necessary that tiny houses have to be on wheels. The choice may vary from person to person and from state to state. Depending on the conditions and rules, one may decide whether a THOWs is more convenient or a tiny house on foundation.

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