Do Tiny Houses Have Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioning systems have become one of the most important and basic amenities of every household. But once upon a time, they were considered to be luxury. Not many could afford it, be it the cost or power. But today, even tiny houses have air conditioning systems, and they have made life easier than ever.

Air conditioning systems are still usually very costly. But that depends on the type, size, and features. Nowadays, people can easily afford air conditioners and make full use of them. Although life without air conditioning systems is equally sufficient, nobody wants to miss out on the advantages that technology has to provide.

Now that we know tiny houses can have air conditioning systems, let us try to understand how and what type is the best suitable. Because whenever it is about tiny houses, some things need thorough supervision and planning.

Air conditioning systems in a tiny house

Stand-alone Unit

These types of air conditioning systems are the most commonly and popularly used systems. They come in different sizes and powers that one can choose accordingly. This is suitable for tiny houses because the smaller sizes can easily fit in and provide sufficient cooling.

However, this will require a proper window exit. It is because these air conditioners need an exit for the tubing. And many tiny houses do not have windows. So it might cause a little trouble at first, but once one can figure out the solution, stand-alone units are the best option. And to add to its advantages, it can be easily removed and stored when not in use without having to deal with large systems and machines.

Window system

Window systems are very cheap and the easiest cooling systems one can have. They are simply fitted in the windows and can cool the house equally as a stand-alone unit. But as mentioned earlier, the only problem is the window. Tiny houses don’t usually have windows. But most people find this window system air conditioner viable because they can fit on the ventilators. This solution has made window systems popular amongst tiny houses.

So one living in a tiny house with proper ventilation can easily use window air conditioning systems. They are also relatively smaller and do not require any extra space. Above that, the cheaper rate makes it more practical and feasible.

Central Air systems

Central air systems are packaged systems. It does not include any bulky machines or units that need to be fitted inside the house. It only involves one large unit that is placed outside the house. It has proper floor vents that fill the house space with cool air.

It is also beneficial for tiny houses because they can handle both the heating and cooling of the house. There is no need for additional units and systems. And its temperatures can also be controlled and set accordingly. And anyway, a tiny house can quickly cool or heat up because of the smaller space. So being able to control the temperature adds to its advantages.

We see tiny houses do have air conditioning systems, but it depends on the type and size of the house, which suits them best.

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