Which States Allow Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are small, portable living units that have recently got a lot of attention from people, especially from the United States. People have realized that they do not want any fancy living and a tiny house is enough to provide them a minimalist, comfortable, and sustainable life.

Ever since the tiny house movement, many states have recognized the needs of the people and have allowed their upbringing. However, not all states recognize this need. Only a few states, especially in America, have pronounced the right to live in a tiny house. Whereas, there are some places where people still cannot live their dream.

So let us discuss which states actually allow tiny homes and have no restrictions. Also, we will learn why many other states are still reluctant to make this choice.

Which States Allow Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses give the chance to live a minimalist life that most people wish for today. Not every person wants to have a 2000 sq. feet house with fancy belongings. Tiny houses have become the dream for such people, and many are already living it.

However, since only a few known states openly and legally recognize tiny houses as dwelling units, it is a struggle for many. But the states that allow them have brought a huge change to the tiny house movement.

The most popular states that allow tiny states are Florida, Texas, Oregon, California, etc.

States like Florida have amazing beach sites, and it is a dream of many to stroll around the beach when the sun rises. And to fulfill this wish, many people have opted for tiny houses in this place. Although Florida is an expensive place, tiny houses have become the cheaper option as they are easy to build and provide a lifestyle under budget.

Talking about Texas, Texas was the first tiny-house town to be named officially and legally. They have vast swaths of land and have already sold large areas to tiny house communities. There is also a mix of cultures that makes people want to settle there. And not to mention, living cost in Texas is also lower than other states.

There are more states that allow tiny houses and have pronounced them legal . Such as Utah, Michigan, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, Washington, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Nevada, etc.

So these are the states that one can easily and legally go to and find or build a tiny house. However, some states do not allow tiny houses, such as Alabama, Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, etc.

Tiny houses are illegal in such places because ;

Building codes: The most common reason why some states do not allow them is the building codes. Since these codes vary from place to place, according to some states, tiny houses do not comply with the laws of that particular area. Above that, many states consider tiny houses as recreational vehicles (RVs). This means they consider them only a temporary living unit and not a proper house or home.

Safety requirements: Another reason is that many states think tiny houses cannot provide the basic safety requirements a normal house can. Like proper ventilation, plumbing, space, etc. And when these standards are left unsatisfied, they do not consider a building as a house.

So we see different states have different rules. While some wholeheartedly welcome tiny homes, some are still skeptical about the whole concept of it.

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