Do Tiny Houses Have Washers and Dryers?

Living in a tiny house can be a very comfortable lifestyle under a budget. But sometimes, there are some compromises that one has to make. But that does not mean one has to give up on the essentials. And that includes laundry facilities.

Tiny houses might not support the big applications that a normal house does, but it surely supports the laundry facilities such as dryers and washers. Without these, one will have to adhere to manual options that can be very time-consuming and a daily hassle. Especially single dwellers, who live outside most of the time, will find manual cleaning options tiring.

But there is no need to worry. Tiny houses can easily fit in washers and dryers and make things easier. But let us discuss what types of washers and dryers are viable in a tiny house.

Washers and dryers in a tiny house

Full-Size Washers and dryers

If a tiny house is permanently stationed and has optimum space for laundry facilities, adhering to full-size washers and dryers is the best option. It is a traditional and most commonly used unit. Every usual house has a full-sized washer and dryer to help with laundry.

It is best for a permanent tiny house because it will require an adequate amount of water. Since off-grid tiny houses are not attached to water supply, their limited water can cause trouble. Also, it will require high power. The electricity of around 240 volts is at least required to run a full-sized machine. Therefore, it is recommended that only permanent tiny houses stationed at proper residential places should have a full-sized washer and dryer.

Combo unit

These are the types that provide washing and drying in one single unit. Full-size washers and dryers are no longer required. And this is especially suitable for tiny houses with normal space and size. They are a combo unit, so they are smaller and require much less space in a tiny house than the full-sized ones.

It will also require less water compared to the full-sized, which is why it is the best for tiny houses on wheels. However, the power requirements remain the same. But it can work adequately with 120 volts, making it one of the best options for tiny houses.

Since it is a mini version, people living in a tiny house find it more convenient than the full-sized washer and dryer. However, there needs to be room to hang the clothes after the washing, because these units dry the clothes partly.

Single unit

If the above two options are not viable, another option would be adhering to a single unit washer. This only washes and rinses. This will require lower power and water and is also very easy to use. However, the only drawback is that the clothes will need more time to dry and space to be hung. Nevertheless, it will do the harder part of washing them. Therefore, it is still a good choice and also very affordable.

So we see that tiny houses can have washers and dryers. Tiny houses will not compromise on the basics , no matter the space and size.

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