Can You Flush Beard Hair Down The Toilet?

Beard hair is the hair that grows on the face of an adult male as they grow up from a child to a man. Beard hair can keep you warm in cold weather and also protect your chin as well as neck. It can also protect your skin from sun damage and harmful UV rays. They can also make you feel more attractive and stylish. Nowadays it is a trend and many men prefer to keep beard hair.

Can You Flush Beard Hair Down The Toilet?

Many people think that it is okay to flush short hair like facial hair or beard down the toilet but unfortunately it is not. Even beard hair can stick to the inside of the pipes that may result in build-up over time and clog your sewer system. That is why we suggest not throwing beard hair down the toilet and also using drain covers in order to protect shower as well as sink drains.

How Can You Unclog Beard Hair From The Sink?

First, you need to remove the stopper and pour half a cup of baking soda down your drain. After that, you will have to pour one cup of white vinegar down there too. Just wait for ten minutes and thereafter, pour hot water down the drain. In this way, you can unclog your sink from the beard hair. It is advisable to repeat this after every three months if you have a habit of shaving in the sink.

How Can You Shave Beard Hair Over The Sink?

It is recommended to cover the entire surface area of the sink with two or three paper towels before shaving. Keep the paper towels in a line and also wet them. Then try to shave over the paper towels as best as you can. After shaving, throw away the paper towels along with most of the beard hairs that fall on them. Finally, wipe away the remaining beard hairs with the help of a wet paper towel.

How Can You Dispose Of Beard Hair?

The best way to dispose of beard hair is to use a plastic garbage bag. Now many people also ask questions like how to collect the beard hair in the garbage bag. You can place the garbage bag in the area where you want to shave or trim, creating a conclave in the bag so that it collects the hair. After shaving, simply clean up the mess and throw away the garbage bag in the waste box.

Is It Okay To Shave Your Beard Hair regularly?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to shave your beard hair or trim it from time to time. It will not only keep your beard clean but also give you a tidy and fresh look. According to a study, beard hair contains dirt, bugs, and bacteria that are considered to be hazardous for your health. Therefore, it is a great idea for every man who keeps a beard to shave regularly to stay clean and healthy.

Final Words

The worst problem for a man to keep beard hair is to deal with the mess that it can cause to your toilet after shaving. So whether you shave daily or trim once in a while, here are a few tips for you. Use a bowl for shaving, run hot water after every shave, clear your drain with vinegar and baking soda, use paper towels to collect beard hairs, and throw away the hairs in a garbage bag.

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