How Much Do Tiny Houses Weigh?

Tiny houses have made people make reasonable choices. They are small and easy to handle that are especially suitable for single dwellers. They do not require extra maintenance and care, making life easier.

Tiny houses have several factors that people question before deciding to live in one. Amongst them are its space, size, and weight. The weight of the tiny houses has always been a very frequently asked question by customers.

Tiny houses look small and compact, but how much do tiny houses weigh?

The sum of dry weight, trailer, and all the furniture and personal belongings is the overall weight of a tiny house. An average small tiny house will weigh around 8000 to 10,500 pounds. And a larger tiny house will weigh approx. 15,000 pounds.

How do tiny houses in wheels move around with so much weight? These are the questions that require prior attention. So let us discuss in detail the weight of a tiny house and the factors affecting it.

Weight of tiny houses

It is important to know the weight of a tiny house. Especially the ones with wheels should have a note of their weight so that no troubles are faced while moving from one place to another. And knowing the weight capabilities of the trailer and the axle of a tiny house is also very crucial.

Average dry weight

Tiny houses can be weighed considering various factors. But the initial weight of a tiny house is determined by its dry weight. The dry weight of a tiny house is the weight of the house structure. It does not include any furniture and appliances that come within it. It is the weight of the empty house.

The average dry weight of a tiny house is usually around 9-10,000 pounds. But as we know, tiny houses come in different sizes, so their dry weight can range from 3000 to 15000 pounds.

Factors determining the dry weight

As mentioned above, the dry weight of a tiny house is the structural weight without including any belongings. Now, what will first determine the dry weight of the tiny house is the size. The size can differ in measures of sq. feet. More sq. feet will result in more space and a bigger house, and a bigger tiny house will have a greater dry weight than a smaller one. So it depends on the square footage.

Another point that will determine the dry weight is the material used to build a tiny house. It depends on the kind of wood or material used because materials have different densities. A denser material will make a tiny house heavier than one built with less dense materials.

Weight capabilities of the trailer

This is a very important point that one should keep in mind before building a tiny house. The trailer and the axle’s weight capabilities will determine how heavy a tiny house can be.
Trailers are usually 2000 pounds. A 2000 pound trailer can easily lift a house of 10,000 pounds. And accordingly, the range will increase or decrease. It is also known as Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. It is the amount of weight a trailer can carry.

Final Words

So this is how we know the weight of tiny houses. Although small, tiny houses can weigh more than expected depending on the personal belongings of the owner.

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