Pros and Cons of Living Near a Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear power plants are important facilities in our everyday lives. It provides about 20% of the world’s electricity and is one of the leading sources of low-carbon energy.

A nuclear power plant can provide a community with a lot of benefits. It can create jobs and be a major employer in the area. The workers at the plant may live in the community and some communities might not have any other major employers. On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of living near a nuclear power plant.

Pros of living near a nuclear power plant

1. High living standards

When we talk about households living near nuclear power plants, we are basically referring to the workers of the power plant. In most cases, the neighborhood around the plant consists of families that work for the plant. This is done to make work efficient and cost-effective, reducing the distance. Since they work in such a high-risk environment, they are paid well. Salaries are usually high, so they tend to take better care and live a life of a better standard.

2. Cheaper property

The properties sold near the power plants are always amongst the cheap rate properties with good facilities. The reason is very obvious. Most people are scared or terrified to live near nuclear power plants. Especially after the disastrous historical facts of nuclear power plants, only a small pool of buyers is willing to actually invest in such areas. Therefore, the property price ultimately crumbles down and becomes available at lower rates.

3. Reduced power outages

Massive power lines send power across cities and reach every household from a large range of distance. And when you live far away from power lines, your connection is prone to face interference that may be caused due to any unprecedented accidents or line cuts. But when you live near a nuclear power plant, an area that needs a regular power connection, your household line will have fewer to no chances of interruptions. It is as simple as taking your phone closer to the modem to get a better wireless internet connection.

Cons of living near a nuclear power plant

1. Major risk of nuclear accidents

This is one of the major reasons people don’t opt for houses near power plants. It is the risk of nuclear accidents. As recorded in history, the Japan tragedy marked one of the huge disasters that nuclear plants have faced, killing hundreds of people living near the area and leaving some forever impaired. Such risks become a major concern for people living near nuclear power plants, causing stress and sleepless nights. So, living near a nuclear plant can give you daily stress. It can also make you prone to diseases, which may be caused due to the inhalation of radioactive isotopes which are regularly contaminating the air.

2. Contamination of the environment

Although proper precautions and monitoring are carried out at regular intervals to check that the power plant is tightly secured, there will always be risks. Contamination by leakage of nuclear chemicals will always remain a part of the plant neighborhood. So, living near one will require the acceptance of such contamination and damage to the environment, which also affects health.

3. Low property rates

While low property rates become a benefit for the buyer, it is not the same for the one selling them. If you put your house up on the market, you would have to wait for a very long period of time and also sell the house at an all-time low rate. It is simply because no one is ready to invest in a house near a nuclear power plant without giving second thoughts.

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