How Tall Can A Tiny House Be?

Living in a tiny house has become the dream of many families and individuals. Tiny houses have grown in number and have seen a drastic rise in their popularity. They are small and compact houses that have made people’s lives easier and more practical.

Tiny houses come in different shapes and sizes. However, they got the name, tiny house, for a reason. It is because even their maximum size or height would seem small in front of normal houses. No matter the shape, size, or length, they would remain under a limit.

Not only is this a trend, but there are actually certain limits to the size and height of a tiny house. It has both pros and cons concerning it. Today, let us discuss how tall can a tiny house be and the reasons behind the limitations.

Maximum height of a tiny house

Tiny houses are called tiny for a reason. They are small with low width and height or at least relatively less than usual house measurements. If they would have been very tall, there would have been no point calling it a tiny house. They are tiny because they are created that way to provide service that a normal house cannot.

Now, we know that most tiny houses are considered RVs because they are on wheels. That is another factor that adds up to their height limitations and restrictions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is one of the institutions responsible for providing the legal limits of a tiny house built. According to the NHTSA, tiny houses can be a maximum 13’6” tall. And almost all tiny houses are usually 13’5” tall, just below the limit.

So we see the legal limit for a tiny house height is 13’6”. Building something above that would not only break the rules but also cause trouble for the owner. Let us understand how.

Why a tiny house should stick to the limitations? – Reasons

Bridges or highway overpasses

Usually tiny houses are movable . And to move them safely around the city, it is important to mark the height limit. The main reason will be the highways overpasses or bridges. If a tiny house crosses the limit, such height will undoubtedly take the top of the house off. And the house will get stuck in the highway overpasses. If the houses are under 13’6”, they can safely pass through major highway overpasses without causing any harm to the national as well as private property.

Long branches of trees

It is usual to see people cutting off long tree branches because they disturb the electricity cables and lines. The same can happen with tall tiny houses. If tiny houses cross the limit, they might get stuck with tree branches. While some rooftops are in a shape that can be navigated but most times, one can get stuck, and it would be too late to navigate.

Final Words

So we see there is a limit to the height of a tiny house. And these points are only the basic problems. There are many other uncertainties that one can face if not followed. However, not following the rules is a straight infringement of legal rules. And these problems are just secondary in that case.

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