Do Tiny Houses Have Addresses?

Tiny houses have become the most viable and economical housing options in town. They are affordable, easy to handle, and have almost all the essentials at just half the price of a usual house.

However, there are some questions that people are regularly involved with. And one amongst them is whether a tiny house has an address or not. And since most tiny houses are movable, it might get tricky to have a permanent address or any address where the owner can receive mail or any other essentials.

To know the answer, let us get into a detailed discussion below. The answers can differ depending on the situation and location.

Tiny houses and their addresses

Permanent tiny house

If a tiny house is parked or built permanently on the land or property that one owns, then it will be easy to request an address. Building a tiny house on the property according to all the zoning laws of the area and by abiding by the property laws, it will be eligible for an address.

Living on one’s own property also makes it easy to receive mails, bills, or letters. They can have a legal address and receive every transfer on that address with the proper allowance of a mailbox and address.

Movable tiny house

Now, when we talk about a movable tiny house, things will be different than a permanent tiny house. While permanently built tiny houses on property lands can easily request address, a movable tiny house on wheels cannot have that advantage. However, it is not impossible.

To request an address, the first step is to register oneself with the tiny house. If one is legally residing in it, then they have a higher chance of receiving an address. It is more convenient if the movable tiny house is located or parked on one’s own land or property. When that is the case, the owner can legally contact the county assessor’s office and request an address considering that no zoning laws are comprised.

However, building a permanent foundation of the tiny house in that property makes it even easier to have a local street address. But that would require proper consideration of building laws because many states do not allow buying and building tiny houses on any land or property.

Living with no address

While it is possible to have an address for a tiny house when one has legal registration, sometimes the county may not allow any address because of its temporary foundation. In many states, tiny houses are considered a part of RVs and not a permanent residence. And therefore, tiny houses may not receive an address. But as long as one is registered, they can live without an address.

However, in such cases, to receive mails and bills, one can simply adhere to a place close to a post office and request the mails to be delivered at the local PO. And another way is to receive it through friends or family.

So we see that depending on the place and laws, a tiny house may or may not have a permanent address. But, of course, if one abides by the proper zoning and building laws, they can easily earn an address.

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