How Do Tiny Houses Get Internet?

Living in this era of advanced technology, one would not want to miss out on having access to the internet and enjoy all the latest updates. Internet connections are accessible very easily, especially when you have a permanent residence. But dwellers of tiny houses might have some questions when it comes to Internet connections.

While the tiny house movement has attracted many people, there are still some that are skeptical. One of the reasons is the internet connection. Many wonder how would a tiny house have proper and fast access to the Internet.

To answer that, let us get into a detailed discussion. Because it is not impossible, in fact, it is very simple to have internet connections in a tiny house.

Ways of getting internet in a tiny house

1. Traditional wired cable internet

The Internet can be accessed in various ways. But, of course, for a tiny house, it is a little different than what normal houses can offer. And in such circumstances, the traditional way of accessing the internet through wired cable hookup is the way to go. It is known as DSL, and it is very cheap compared to other types of connections.

A cable hookup connection helps transfer files and makes backups way faster. It is because DSL connections are dependent on the speeds of local network hardware. It also offers more security and is a better option for a home office. However, it requires a lot of cable connections and ports, which makes it not so helpful in public places.

2. Satellite connection

When we talk about tiny houses, the most viable option that pops up is satellite Internet connections. Now, other types of connections have some restrictions like location, regional stability, etc. But when we talk about satellite connections, nothing on earth is going to affect the satellite connection. It is a connection that serves from above the skies.

Satellite internet is best for tiny houses because they can plan to travel to any secluded area, and they would still get internet access. They do not require any additional equipment, and the internet is also accessible by several devices. However, compared to modern ways, a satellite connection is very slow and weak. People of this generation might find it frustrating to work with satellite Internet because of its slow bandwidth and weak power.

3. Wireless Internet connection

Wireless connections are the new highly preferred option to access high-speed and strong internet. Wireless connections do not require any additional cables and ports and hence, the name. WiFi or mobile hotspot is the most commonly used wireless connection.

Mobile phones have become the new leader. With a proper data plan on the phone, one can simply connect through a hotspot and have fast access to the internet. And many devices can connect to the same source at the same time without any wires or cables.

4. Shared Internet with neighbors or host

After knowing about wireless connections, if a person is not able to have their own plan, the next best step is to share it with someone. Especially tiny house dwellers who live in a neighborhood or in the backyard of someone’s land can simply connect to the wireless connections of the host, landlord, or neighbor.

However, if the house is located a bit far away, the connection might be disrupted. So it is better to have one of their own.

These are the common and simple ways of getting internet in a tiny house. Imagine living without an internet connection in this era. Nobody would survive that, not even tiny houses .

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