Do Tiny Houses Have Bathrooms?

The tiny house movement attracted many eyes in recent years. They have become the homes for many and have become one of the highly preferred housing options.

They not only provide a space to live in but also the essentials that are required to have a proper lifestyle. Now, when we say essentials, considering the size of a tiny house, people often wonder if it also includes a bathroom. And the answer to that will always be positive.

Do tiny houses have bathrooms? Tiny houses do include bathrooms, and if invested well, they can provide bathrooms that are on par with usual house bathrooms.

So, let us discuss below what type of bathrooms can tiny house accommodate. And are they reliable or not.

Bathrooms in a tiny house

Tiny houses can have one or more bathrooms depending on the build size and space. They can provide luxury bathrooms with all amenities without compromises or a small, simple bathroom with just a toilet and a shower. That depends on the builder or the owner of the tiny house which one they prefer.

Usually, tiny houses of around 300 sq . feet have the advantage of adequate space for bathrooms. With larger space comes better facilities. But even with the smaller house, one can build a proper-sized bathroom with all the assets without any comprises.

Now that we know tiny houses can have bathrooms, the next thing that requires attention is the amenities that it holds. And the main among them is the toilet and shower. So, let us try to understand what type of toilet or showers can be included in a tiny house bathroom.


Flushing toilets

Flushing toilets are amongst the most common and preferable toilets build in a tiny house. It is a regular toilet that is connected to a septic tank. But it is viable only if the tiny house is built with a permanent foundation. They can connect to the municipal water tanks and septic tanks and access sewage and water systems.

Composting toilet

The next very commonly used toilet is a composting one. It is the best option for movable types of tiny houses . As they mostly stay off-grid, with a composting toilet, they can run without any septic tank connections. These toilets use microorganism processes that turn waste into better compost which can be discharged weekly.


Tiny houses have enough space for a full-size shower with glass doors and cases. Some tiny houses can also carry shower shelves and cabinets for storing bathroom products.

Some of the tiny houses with average space can even have double head showers. But one should decide on that depending on their water availability. And especially for off-grid tiny houses, single head showers are more recommended because they have limited water capacity.

Final Words

So these are the basic essentials that a tiny house can provide. Be it any tiny house, it would not compromise on the assets that make a living a better one. From proper bedrooms to bathrooms, tiny houses are the best providers with minimum investment .

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