Do Tiny Houses Have To Be Inspected?

Tiny houses have grown immensely popular since the last decade. More and more people are opting for tiny houses to experience the new, low-budget, minimalist life. Tiny houses are small and compact houses , but that does not mean they are less effective than conventional houses.

However, when one thinks about owning a tiny house, several questions struck in their mind. One of such popular questions that every owner asks is whether a tiny house goes through inspection or not. And most people, even before getting the answers, give up on the idea thinking they would never pass.

Do tiny houses have to be inspected? Well, tiny houses do go through inspections. They have to pass those tests to classify as a legal house. But it is different from normal house inspections, and the process is not very strict.

So let us learn more in detail.

Inspections of tiny houses

Tiny houses have to go through inspections before settling down as a legal structure. Tiny house inspections are usually different from those that concern a conventional house. It is not very hard to pass tiny house inspections, but it is essential to have the basic facilities and amenities that comply with the standard codes.

Now, one might wonder why do tiny houses need inspections. Well, there are several reasons. They need house inspections to ensure that the tiny house is safe and complies with the laws provided. Even while purchasing land or constructing one on a piece of land, inspections are necessary for further financial proceedings. Furthermore, extensions or additional units will also need permissions before establishing them.

Inspections are possible from various centers. Some specific certification centers especially work with tiny houses and help with the tests.

However, let us discuss the specific tests included in tiny house inspections.

Insulation and heating

It is essential to have the proper insulation in a tiny house . Insulating tests will check whether the tiny house has the required insulation systems or not. And the greener the insulation, the better. Tiny houses are easy to heat from the inside compared to other conventional houses that need more space to fill up. It is necessary to check that there are no leaks in the systems.

Water and power systems

When it comes to power and water supply, a tiny house needs to have electricity or propane gases and solar energy to produce power. Having a combination of them will surely help them pass power inspections easily. Concerning water, it is necessary to have both running water and hot water systems. A tiny house can make use of the water facilities provided by the communities.


Security is one of the most important tests. The tiny house needs to be in compliance with the state zoning codes. The basic size requirements and amenities that are standard needs, according to zoning codes, should be present in a tiny house to pass inspections .

So we see tiny houses have to go through inspections. It is necessary to ensure the safety and security of the house, and it also guarantees a safe stay in a tiny house.

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