Can You Flush Raw Eggs Down The Toilet?

The term raw eggs refer to uncooked and unpasteurized eggs. Study shows that raw eggs contain a harmful bacterium called salmonella that can lead to infections in human beings. That is why it is recommended to boil the eggs before consumption. Normally seven minutes of boiling and three minutes of frying per side is enough to kill salmonella bacteria present in raw eggs.

Can You Flush Raw Eggs Down The Toilet?

Everything is connected in one way or the other in the plumbing world. To make it simple, the things that you flush down the toilet will eventually end up being in your septic tank. So, while it is okay to crack the raw eggs and flush the liquid contents down the toilet or kitchen sink, you should never throw the shells of raw eggs down the drain as they can clog and damage the pipes.

How Can You Dispose Of Raw Eggs?

The best way to dispose of expired and bad raw eggs is to throw them in the trash. However, there can be a situation where it will take some time for the trash to be picked up and you need to dispose of it immediately. In such a case, simply crack the raw eggs over the sink and throw the shells in the trash. Now, wash the yolks of the raw eggs down the sink with lots of water.

Can You Put The Raw Eggs In Your Compost Bin?

Most of the compostable products are green, moist, and high in nitrogen. They have clippings of grass, scraps of vegetables, and of course the raw eggs. Therefore, it can definitely be said to be a good idea to compost your raw eggs as all the organic matter such as eggs will decompose over time. The only thing to be kept in mind is to use the correct methods while you compost raw eggs.

Are Raw Eggs Good For Your Septic Systems?

No, eggs whether it is boiled or raw, are not good for the septic system of your home. It should be remembered that eggs can be nutritious for your stomach but not for the pipes of your drain. While the yolks of raw eggs may disappear with lots of water, the shells can build up over time as it has a thin membrane that has the capacity to stick to the side of the pipes and cause a lot of trouble.

Do Raw Eggshells Break Down In Your Septic Tank?

No, the bacterium that is present in your septic tank does not have the capacity to break down the shells of raw eggs. They will keep on floating in the water that will certainly make your tank messy and give you a headache. It is advisable not to throw the eggshells down the drain because once they are inside your septic tank, they will certainly lead to some major issues.

Final Words

According to plumbers, a large percentage of the home drains stop working due to the throwing of raw eggshells in the sink. It will lead to clogging of your pipes over a period of time and take the form of hardened concrete. As a result, there is no other alternative but to replace the pipes and that can be very expensive for you. So, the best idea is always to throw raw eggs in the trash.

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