Can You Flush Roaches Down The Toilet?

According to most homeowners, roaches are seen more in the toilets than in any other part of the house. They can create a lot of problems for your toilet and that is why it becomes very essential to eliminate them. You will have to adopt an effective as well as preventive elimination strategy along with a solid plan to attack the roaches to keep your toilet clean and free from them.

Can You Flush Roaches Down The Toilet?

It is not possible for you to kill the roaches by flushing them down the toilet because they can hold breath for up to forty minutes which many people do not know. So, first, you will have to make sure that it is dead before flushing it. Otherwise, it will come out alive in your sewer. You should do the same thing with the eggs of roaches and crush them before flushing them down the toilet.

Can Roaches Come Up Through Your Toilet?

It can be possible for the roaches to come up through the sink or through the drain of your shower. But it is not possible for them to come up through the toilet due to the flow of water. As per a study, even the roaches that live in the drains will come out from there and enter your home only if there is any source of food available for them. Roaches have a strong smell of food from a distance.

How Can You Flush The Roaches Down Your Toilet?

First of all, take any kind of bath soap and mix it with water. Make the solution light so that it can be sprayed easily through a bottle. Thereafter take the solution in a spray bottle and just spray it on the roaches. Make sure that the solution touches the head and the lower abdomen of the roaches. Normally two to three drops of soapy water are enough to kill a roach. Then, you can flush it.

How Can You Keep Roaches Out Of Your Toilet?

Firstly, remove food and sources of water from the toilet. Secondly, fix leakage in pipes, faucets, and other plumbing problems in your toilet. Thirdly, make use of the bathroom fan in order to vent out the humidity. Fourthly, you can caulk all the openings, crevices, and cracks in the walls through which electrical or plumbing comes in. And finally, use baits to kill the roaches.

Can You Get Rid Of Roaches By Pouring Bleach Down Your Toilet?

Yes, bleach has the capacity to kill the roaches upon contact. But pest control boards do not recommend pouring bleach down the drain as it can release some toxic fumes that can result in long-term damage to your sewer system. You can use borax that also has the capacity to kill the roaches instantly. It is recommended to mix equal quantities of borax and white table sugar.

Final Words

To conclude, it can be said that although it is safe to flush roaches down the toilet a few measures have to be taken. You need to flush the toilet multiple times so that they do not end up in your septic tank or the sewer. Also, always make the water soapy before flushing so that it is not possible for the roaches to crawl back even if they manage to cling to any part of the pipe.

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