Can Tiny Homes Withstand Hurricanes?

Tiny homes or tiny houses have increased in number ever since the success of the tiny house movement. People are now tilting more towards small, minimalist, and simple homes instead of 2000 sq. ft. big homes with fancy belongings.

Tiny homes are small , and they are very affordable. Any person can now afford them and live a sustainable life. However, that is not all. They are also green and eco-friendly. When we are eco-friendly, does it also mean they are effective against any calamities that nature brings, such as hurricanes? It is the most frequently asked question, and people often worry whether their tiny homes will survive a hurricane or not.

Can tiny homes withstand hurricanes?

Well, a tiny home can indeed withstand hurricanes, and there is nothing to worry about. With the proper measures and precautions, one can easily survive a hurricane and live a safe and peaceful life.

Tiny homes and hurricanes

A tiny home can withstand hurricanes. Some tiny homes are built in a way to be able to survive severe hurricanes and wind speeds as well. It solely depends on the precautions and the quality of the tiny home . With the required building precautions and engineering, tiny homes can safely avoid damage from hurricanes or any other natural misfortunes.

Since tiny homes are small, and most are built on trailers, most people think they are not stable enough to face any high-speed winds or other natural mishaps. But that is not the case. Of course, if the tiny home has poor building materials , there are chances of them collapsing. But if tiny homes are established with proper weatherproof properties, one can avoid severe damage.

There are many ways of making a tiny home weatherproof or make them strong against hurricanes. They are as follows;

Better materials

This is the most obvious point to make a house safe. Adhering to stronger building materials, especially if the house is situated in a hurricane-prone region, is very important. Use projectile-level windows, better fixtures of glass surfaces, corrugated steel sheets, etc. These will help make the foundation of the tiny house bolder and more stable.


Sometimes, it is not all about the materials. Parking the tiny house in the right place also plays a very crucial role. The best thing to do is to park at a place where there are large structures present. When a tiny house is parked behind or beside such structures, the damage is minimized to a certain extent. Another trick is to know the direction of the wind. When that is known, parking the house away from that will definitely help. Also, many use tarpaulin. It helps to reduce the pressure from the winds.

Hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters are one of the most preferred techniques. They are add-ons installed to protect doors, windows, and glass surfaces from any flying debris during hurricanes. They come at different shapes and prices. According to the size of the tiny house, one can install the required ones. These are polycarbonate guards. They are made of plastic, and they keep any unwanted objects away during windy times.

So, we learned that tiny houses are indeed weatherproof, and there are no severe threats from hurricanes. But it is important to keep the basic points in mind. With the appropriate materials, one can live tension-free.

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