Why Should I Paint My Ceiling White?

While it’s common to see rooms with white ceilings, there are many reasons to consider other colors. White is the safest choice, but other colors can be equally as dramatic. Consider the architecture of your home, the color of the walls and trim work, and the furniture and accessories in the room. Here are a … Read more

Why Does My Ceiling Paint Look Streaky?

If you are painting your ceiling, you are probably wondering why it looks streaky. Streaky ceiling paint results from several factors. Dirty surfaces, poor primer, and wet areas may be contributing factors. First, you may want to use Floetrol to speed up the drying process. This liquid will also help the paint adhere to the … Read more

Why Is The Paint On My Ceiling Flaking?

If the paint on your ceiling is flaking or peeling, you’ve probably noticed several signs. Here are a few: Bleed through paint, Exposed plaster, and Expiring paint. If none of these apply to your ceiling, read on to find out the most likely causes. You may even want to install a ceiling panel to prevent … Read more

Why Does My Ceiling Paint Look Patchy?

You may be wondering why your ceiling paint looks patchy. This could be a result of the texture of your ceiling being uneven. Here are a few ways to fix the issue. Water down your paint. Try to paint over a repair patch without using primer. Finally, try painting in smaller sections. You should see … Read more

Why is My Ceiling Paint So Streaky?

Are you wondering why your ceiling paint is streaky? Here are some reasons why it could be. You’re probably using low-quality rollers, an inefficient paint applicator, or applying too many thin coats. If you have a streaky ceiling, follow these tips to fix the problem. You might also want to consider using a Wagner sprayer. … Read more

Why is My Ceiling Paint Thick?

If you’re wondering why your ceiling paint is thick, there are several common reasons. You may use high-viscosity latex paint, use a roller or sprayer, or mix the formula. Whatever the reason, we’ve got some tips to help you fix the problem. Continue reading to find out what to do. Whether your ceiling paint is … Read more

Why is the Paint on My Ceiling Bubbling?

If you’re wondering why the paint on your ceiling is bubbling, there are several reasons why it might be happening. Dirt on the walls and ceiling can cause paint to stick to dirt. This causes paint bubbles, which form because it dries around dirty areas. First, you should clean the walls and ceiling thoroughly. If … Read more

Why Does My Ceiling Paint Look Gray?

If your ceiling is white, you’re probably wondering why it looks gray even if it’s freshly painted. White only appears gray in dim lighting, so the answer to this question is simple: Dim lighting makes “pure” white appear gray. But if you have red or blue walls, the result can be even more dramatic: they … Read more