Can You Flush Popcorn Down The Toilet?

Popcorn is a snack that is made by heating corn kernels. When it is heated, the water present inside the seeds in small quantities explodes causing them to expand in size. You can hear a sharp noise when the shell of the seed breaks due to heating. In some places, caramel and some other flavors are added to the popcorn after melting to make it tasty.

Can You Flush Popcorn Down The Toilet?

Popcorn is a kind of corn kernel that tends to expand as well as puff when it is heated. No, it is not at all safe to flush food items like popcorn down the toilet because it does not break down easily like toilet paper. Moreover, when popcorn gets wet the seeds can absorb extra moisture and some of the kernels can become fluffy leading to blockage of your toilet pipes.

How To Unclog Your Toilet From Popcorns?

We recommend using a plunger to unclog your toilet from popcorn. Firstly, if the toilet bowl is empty, add enough water to it so as to cover the plunger. Then, you will have to add dish detergent to the water. Thirdly, push the plunger down straight into the trap of the toilet. Now pull the plunger back towards the tank of the toilet and lift it up so that the stuck popcorn can be drawn out.

How To Remove Popcorn Stuck In Your Gums?

The best way by which you can remove stuck popcorn from your gums is to use dental floss. We suggest not being too aggressive with the floss, otherwise, it may push the stuck piece of popcorn deeper into your gums. Position the floss between your teeth where the piece of popcorn is stuck and simply use gentle motions so that it comes out easily without injuring your gum.

How Do You Get Popcorn Out Of Your Teeth?

If you do not have dental floss at home, we recommend you use a toothpick to do the job for you. You can easily remove the piece of popcorn stuck in your tooth with the help of it. The best way to do it is to use the pointed end of the toothpick which can be ideal for removing food items from your teeth. But here also, you need to be careful so that it does not cause any harm to your teeth.

How Do You Get A Popcorn Hull Out Of Your Throat?

If you have swallowed a piece of popcorn without chewing it properly, it may get stuck in your throat. In such a case, you can take a few big sips of water which can wash down the popcorn. If it does not work, you can try a slice of fluffy bread to do the trick. The other options are a ball of sticky rice or even a banana. If still, it does not work, try to eat a piece of tortilla without chewing at all.

Final Words

To conclude, it is recommended to chew a popcorn kernel properly before swallowing it. Apart from choking hazards, it can also lead to damage to your teeth. If you swallow a large number of popcorns without chewing, it can result in a mass collection of kernels in your intestine. This condition is known as ‘bezoar’ which may even need surgery if not cured through medications.

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