Pros and Cons of Living With Your Best Friend

The idea of living with a best friend is an exciting one. After all, you already know and trust one another. You share a lot of your interests, so you’d have plenty to talk about. And if one of you makes a mess, well, the other one will be there to help clean it up! But living with your best friend has its downsides too. Here are some pros and cons to consider before making the move.

Pros of living with your best friend

Your best friend is going to be your roommate. This means you have someone you trust, and they will have the same goals as you do. You also have someone that you know, which makes it easier to build a life together in the apartment. Your best friend already knows where you keep things and how to take care of them. Your best friend knows what kind of food you like and what your habits are, so there is not a lot of adjustment when you move in together.

Because your best friend will know how to work everything in the house, you two can focus on the fun things rather than trying to figure out how everything in the house works. You will not have to worry about paying for extra help if you need it because your best friend is already there with you to help.

Cons of living with your best friend

Living with your best friend might sound like a dream come true, but it’s important to keep in mind that there are some drawbacks to sharing your home with someone you love. Here are the cons of living with your best friend to help you decide if the arrangement is the right one for you.

No privacy: You feel like you can never get any privacy as there is no separate room for you and your partner.

Lack of space: You may not have enough space for all your stuff and you will end up being jealous about his/her stuff.

Budgeting issues: You might find it difficult to keep track of expenses as the day-to-day expenses are now split into two.

Communication issues: There would be a lot of issues related to communication as you both would not share the same opinions.

No freedom to spend time with others: You won’t be able to spend time with your friends as they will always be around you when you live together.

No space to think: When living together, even if one person is having a problem he/she can share it with the other person. But when you live alone, you have time and space to think about everything and come up with a solution on your own. It’s good for mental peace of mind.

Benefits of living with best friends

  • You’re around the same age, which means you’ll likely be at similar life stages.
  • You’re both single, or you’ve both got stable relationships.
  • You share many interests, so you’ll have plenty to talk about.
  • There’s built-in entertainment in the form of movies and music that you both enjoy.
  • You’ll have little reason to spend money on entertainment since you can just hang out at home together instead.
  • It’s easy for each of you to get out of the house when necessary for work or errands since neither of you has to rearrange your schedule.
  • You’ll always have someone to hang out with if your other friends cancel plans or bail on activities last minute.
  • If one of you gets sick, the other will be there to take care of.

Is it a good idea to live with your best friend?

Well, there is no Yes or No answer to this question. It totally depends from person to person and their choices. Here are some of the advantages of living with your best friend.

1) There’s always someone to hang out with.

2) It’s never a problem finding a roommate if you two break up.

3) If you need help moving, it’s right there.

4) You can make your best friend clean your room if you want to feel like a parent again.

5) If they’re really cool, they’ll cook and do the dishes for you so that you don’t have to do them yourself.

6) You’ll never have to worry about them stealing your food or making a mess in your kitchen since they practically live there anyway!

7) If you buy a cat or plant, your friend will have no choice but to love it too! And feed it and stuff!

8) When your best friend is sick, you can bring them soup and watch them be all sad and pathetic until they get better and feel better than ever!

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