Pros and Cons of Living Near a Sea

The sea is one of the most exciting parts of our planet. I am sure that living near a sea has many advantages. Many people love the idea of being able to walk on the beach and swim in the sea. But sometimes, living near the sea can bring challenges as well. Thus here I want to talk about the pros and cons of living near a sea.

Pros of living near a sea

1. Amazing scenery

Close your eyes for a second and imagine you’re standing on the coastline staring out into the horizon. The ocean breeze blows through your hair and tingles your senses — the only sounds you can hear are waves crashing on the shore and seagulls squawking in the background. It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it?

Living near a sea means you get to wake up to the sound of the waves and the view of the mesmerizing water body with greenery all around. You have a natural beach ready for you, and everything around it looks pleasant. Such scenery not only makes you smile, but it also keeps your mind fresh and healthy. It takes all the stress away from your mind and gives a fresh and healthy start to your day. No cars honking, no pollution sinking in, it’s just mother nature and her gifts around you.

2. Available vacay spot

While people travel miles and spend hundreds of dollars to come to a sea-front and enjoy their summer vacations, you get to do that without spending a penny. You simply walk out of your house, and you have a readily open vacation spot. Be it summer, spring, or any random holiday you can easily spend quality time around the seashore without traveling or working too hard to reach there.

3. House value

Putting a house near the sea on sale can be a huge profit gainer. Who would want to miss the chance of living near a permanent vacation spot and beautiful pollution-free space? Such a mindset makes the properties near the sea highly valuable, and selling them at high rates can bring in heavy profits to the seller. Also, one can rent out such properties and gain profits as well.

Cons of living near a sea

1. Tourist crowd

One thing that will constantly bug you if you live near the sea is the tourist crowd. You will wake up to random people walking around the neighborhood and feel completely lost. Since the sea is a rich vacation spot during summers, you are sure to get annoyed with human traffic right outside your gate. This can breach your privacy and make you fearful of theft or any other criminal mischief.

2. Dirty floors

While living near the sea can feel like a paradise, you are also sure to experience heavy work. You will constantly face the annoyance of having sand on your house floor. Living near any water body front will keep your house filled with sandy floors no matter how much you clean or broom it throughout the day. That can be especially annoying for someone who is a cleanliness freak and cannot live in a dirty space. In case you are that kind of a person, it is about time to prepare yourself.

3. Damage to your property

Another major disadvantage of living near the sea is that you are sure to spend a lot of money on heavy and frequent repairs of your home exteriors. This happens due to the salt and sea breezes that are very damaging for both interiors and exteriors, along with the humidity that can cause major corrosion to your property. Thus, you have to be ready with an adequate budget if you want to live near the sea.

Final Words

A sea is a great place for those who want to relax, hunt, and want to do other things. Living near the sea has its own benefits and drawbacks , but if you are going to move near the sea, then you should know your pros and cons before buying or renting a home.

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