Pine Wood vs Plywood – What’s the difference?

We are all acquainted with pine wood and plywood. Of course, they are different types of wood, and both are extensively used for various constructions. But do not confuse them to have the same properties. Pine and plywood are both manufactured and produced through different measures, and they both have distinct usage and efficiency.

To start with the basics, pine wood is a type of softwood, and they are a lightweight wood produced by pine trees. On the other hand, plywood is a different type of manufactured wood panel.

Both pine wood and plywood have grown their popularity vastly over many countries and are commonly preferred woods. But before you choose to justify one above another, it is important to know their difference in detail.

Pine wood and its types

Pine wood is a softwood that is produced by pine trees. They are widely grown in many countries and regions and are one of the most affordable woods.

Pine woods were originally used to build log cabins in the 18th century, and ever since, their beauty and efficiency have increased their popularity to a great extent.

Let us discuss its properties more precisely;

The most prominent property is that it is lightweight wood. People find it very convenient because any pine wood structure like beds, wardrobes, cabins, etc., is easy to arrange and rearrange whenever needed.

Not only that, its exquisite beauty is something one cannot ignore. Most people who have a preference for rustic and antique looks choose pine woods over any other because they have naturally occurring knots and other flaws that look aesthetically pleasing.

Pine woods are also very popular because of their stiffness and shock-resistant property. They are known to have strong resistance against wear and are highly suitable for structures with high foot traffic such as flooring, decking, etc. However, pine wood is not very strong and is not weatherproof. They can degrade when exposed to heavy rain or sunlight.


Plywood, on the other hand, are an engineered wood panel of fine layers of wood veneers. The veneers are attached to each other in such a way that the wood grains are placed at a 90-degree angle to one another. It can also be said that plywood is a mixture of Medium Density Fiberboard and a Chip Board.

Properties of Plywood

Plywood is a type of manufactured board which makes it more flexible and re-usable than any other wood. Plywood has grown its popularity mostly because of its low moisture content, and it is one of the easiest wood to perform with.

Plywoods are simple-looking wood boards, and they do not have any extraordinary texture. But they are better than any traditional wood because of their ability to stain well, and also, they provide better workability when compared to other woods like pine. Plywood also stands a higher chance than pine wood when it comes to strength. Plywood has a better degree of strength, and especially, they are the best material for outdoor uses.

They are less prone to damages like shrinkage, cracking, splitting, etc. Plywoods are also inexpensive that makes them equally or even more attractive than pine woods.

There are different types of plywood . They are softwood plywood, tropical plywood, hardwood plywood, special-purpose plywood; aircraft plywood, marine plywood, etc.


So, we can conclude that both pine and plywood have different properties and efficiencies. They are both widely used, but they have their own pros and cons.

Some popular types of pine wood are white pine, yellow pine, sugar pine, and limber pine. Among which white and yellow pine are the most popular ones in western countries.

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