Is Pine Wood Expensive?

Pine woods are very helpful and useful materials used by a vast majority to build or construct various kinds of projects. It is usually very common in the construction of furniture, flooring, decking, etc.

Pine wood is a softwood and is very light weighted. Its hardness ranks very low compared to other woods, such as oak. The two most common pine wood are white and yellow pine, used extensively in the USA. Due to its unique features and qualities, pine has considerably grown in usage and trend.

However, one of the major reasons that contributed to its popularity in many countries over years is the price rate. Pine wood, compared to other hardwoods, are very cheap and inexpensive. But, it can have its own pros and cons regarding it. Let us discuss this in detail to get a better idea.

Is pine wood cheaper than other woods?

Pine wood is considered to be cheaper than other woods such as oak, cherry, etc. It is generally because pine has a faster growth rate than any other wood, and that availability makes it inexpensive and affordable for many.

So, they are not as expensive as you might think. Let us discuss the reasons why pinewoods are not that expensive;

  • The first and the most important reason for them being cheaper is because they are abundant, as mentioned earlier. It is popularly grown in the United States, but it grows in almost every region. And also, due to its demand, many countries are now increasing the growth and supply of pine woods. Thus, it is easily available and cheaper compared to other woods. Another important factor that adds up is its nature of fast regrowth. Pine wood is extracted from pine trees, and these kinds of trees can regrow at a faster pace than any other tree.
  • Another reason is that pine trees need lesser care and attention than other trees. They can grow and produce good-quality softwood even without extra effort and care. Also, they have a shorter time to market. Such reasons enable producers and growers to sell them at considerably lower prices and rates.

Are all types of pine wood cheap?

When we talk about pine wood being cheap, it does not mean that they do not differ in rates amongst their own kind. While all pine woods are evidently cheaper than other hardwoods, different types of pine wood can have different rates that might be higher or lower in comparison to each other.

For instance, normal pine woods are not resistant to decay and rot. They are prone to get damaged earlier than treated pine woods. Thus, they are relatively cheaper, and that also adds to why they are cheap generally. But, pine woods that are pressure treated with non-toxic ACQ or CCA compounds have better resistance and comparatively higher prices. So they can be not so cheap for some, even though they are still cheaper when compared to other hardwoods.

Is not being expensive a good sign?

While prices can attract customers very easily, cheaper goods have their own pros and cons.

Pine wood being cheap makes it widely popular. That ultimately increases its market cap and economic stances. Pine wood being cheaper than other goods also means that people will receive equally good service without much financial burden.

However, there are reasons, such as it is a softwood, not very strong, prone to dents and scratches, no style versatility that makes it somewhat fall below other woods. So you might assume that it is less costly also because it has less efficiency than other hardwoods that are most likely to serve better.

So we see, pine wood is not expensive. It is a popular softwood, and if you are opting for wood furniture or any wood construction under a budget, pine wood is the right choice for you.

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