Maple vs Walnut Wood – What’s the difference?

Wood has historically been an essential element of architectural elegance. Wooden furniture and decor are used to add a classically natural touch to every room. However, choosing the right wood is as important as choosing the design of the furniture itself.

Hardwood is a class of wood that is denser and more durable than other types of wood. However, hardwood trees grow much slower than other trees. Therefore, the prices of hardwood timber are also relatively high. Essentially, walnut and maple wood are the two most popular budget categories of hardwood used for construction.

Although these two categories of wood may look similar, however, there are several important differences that need to be analyzed before making the right choice. So, let us discuss the differences between walnut and maple wood to get a better understanding.

Maple vs Walnut Wood – Difference

Maple Wood

Maple wood is a light-colored hardwood that is generally known for its smooth grain pattern and the fine textures that it presents. Although there are over 23 types of maple trees, the Hard Maple tends to provide the finest and most durable wood. It is creamy in color and consists of hues that range from beige to tan. It often sports slight reddish streaks and specs.

It is known for its durability and packs a Janka rating of 1450, which signifies the hard, strong, and durable wood that comes from the Maple tree. However, it also means that maple wood is relatively hard to work with and requires more effort when being processed.

Due to its fine grain structuring, it is also relatively more resistant to moisture and can be easily polished or stained. It is generally more affordable due to its wide availability and is used for flooring, paneling, and making tabletops, stairs, and kitchen essentials.

Walnut Wood

Walnut is a very popular species of exotic hardwood known for its versatility. Though there are over 21 types of Walnut trees, generally Dark Walnut and European Walnut tend to be the most sought after. It tends to be darker than Maplewood and is prized for its rich color which ranges from pale brown to chocolate and often tends to be streaked with brown hues.

Walnut produces an excellent straight grain that tends to portray a sophisticated finish. With a Janka rating of 1010, it is essentially a hardwood that is more bendable and relatively much easier to work with than Maplewood.

Although highly resistant to decay, walnut wood can be easily prone to insect attack and requires more care. Walnut wood is also more expensive than Maple wood due to its elegant finish and rarity. Walnut is extensively used in flooring, cabinets, paneling, and executive or formal furniture due to its rich dark coloring and smooth finish.

Final Words

Thus, we can see that both Maple and Walnut have their own unique set of qualities that need to be referred to while choosing the right type of wood to ensure that the wood is best suited for your specific construction needs.

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