Do Tiny Houses Have Titles?

Living in a tiny house is the new lifestyle that people seek today. They have largely grown in numbers and gained a lot of attention in recent decades.

While they are cheap, easy to build, and are a very flexible choice, there are questions that people frequently ask. One popular question is whether tiny houses have titles or not.

Do Tiny Houses Have Titles?

Tiny houses indeed have titles. They come with a title, or the owner can apply for one. It is an important part of a tiny house, and without them, there may be uncertainties one might not want to face.

Let us get into a detailed discussion to know more about tiny houses having titles and the reasons behind having one.

Tiny house titles

Tiny houses do have titles. In fact, each one will and should have a title. Whether you build or buy one, the title will determine the possession of the house.

Whenever one builds or buys a tiny house, a title is always present for the trailer. So, a trailer always comes with a title. While the title is received only for the trailer, which means it is the trailer’s title, the same is used to determine ownership of the house.

The title that comes along with the trailer is the same title that will be used further in the registration of the tiny house. And when the house is registered with that title, it gives one ownership of the house. Thus, a title provides you with ownership of the trailer along with the house. And even in the future, the house exchanges or sale and purchase will be based on that title.

Trailers with no title

Although not common, sometimes, tiny house trailers may not have a title.

If it is because the current title is lost, then one can easily demand a duplicate one. It can be done by contacting a local DMV and completing and filing all the necessary paperwork. It will cost a minimum fee, and after the payment, the office will directly mail or send the duplicate title. However, this is possible only if the original title is in the name of the current owner.

If the title is in the name of the previous owner, then it will depend on them. They will take up all the paperwork and other proceedings and not the current owner.

Also, if one does not want a duplicate title, they can simply apply for a bonded title. It involves a longer procedure, and the rules may differ depending on the state. But commonly, it is done by first contacting the local DMV. Then one has to fill all the paperwork and wait for approval from the office. Once done, they have to purchase a surety bond and then directly apply for a bonded title.

This may seem easy, but one needs to be fully aware and careful of the proceedings. And even if one needs to have a new title, they can do so.

Thus, we learned that tiny houses do have titles. And if one does not have a title, they are prone to get stolen or have a lien on it.

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