Cedar vs Pine Wood – What’s the difference?

Cedar and pine woods are amongst the most popular woods that have gained immense popularity for their workability despite being softwoods. Both are known for their unique appearances and excellent performance.

Cedar is softwood that is popularly used for furniture building, and it includes several other species of wood such as red cedar, Spanish cedar, etc. Similarly, pine is also a great furniture building wood . It belongs to a coniferous tree and is softwood as well.

However, both have a unique set of features that make them distinct from one another. While both may be equally good, let us discuss some differences between them to realize their specialties.

Cedar vs Pine Wood – Difference

Cedar Wood

Cedar is an extremely beneficial wood that is popularly used for building a fence in most countries despite being softwood. It is a straight-grained wood with a coarse texture and can sometimes have interlocked natural luster grain.

It has a beautiful appearance with a color ranging from light brown to reddish-brown. And depending on the species, cedar can also have pinkish or yellowish hues sometimes. What makes them unique is the presence of dark red streaks on the surface that forms a unique pattern.

Cedar and durability go hand in hand. It is known for having high durability, which is why it is very popular in the furniture-making industry. Also, its great appearance is an add-on.

Cedar also has high stability and does not shrink or swell easily. It is naturally resistant to decay, rot, and infestation, which makes it an excellent and most suitable material for exterior applications. It becomes a perfect wood to use in areas where there is humidity and temperature fluctuation. Another important feature is its aromatic properties. It leaves a fresh and pleasing smell.

Pine Wood

Pine wood is also a softwood that has been in use widely for a few decades. It is a straight-grained wood with an even texture that has a uniform and pleasing look. Most pine woods do not even require any double-coated paint to make them look beautiful. It is a naturally aesthetic wood.

Pine woods are light-colored woods and have colors ranging from reddish-white to yellowish-white. Although, their hues can differ depending on their environment. Some pinewoods have dense grain patterns with unusual knots that make the wood look very rustic and antique. Thus, making it unique and naturally pleasing.

When compared to cedar regarding durability, pine wood is equally good wood. They are also lightweight wood which makes them convenient for building home furniture. However, pine is not naturally and highly resistant to decay and rot like cedar. Normal pines are likely to rot and face shrinkages very soon. But if the pine wood is pressure treated, they become equally resistant to decay and also improves longevity.

Pine woods are also shock-resistant, which makes them suitable for furniture. But, they are not weatherproof. So unlike cedar, they are not very suitable for exterior applications and are prone to changing colors and size when affected by sunlight and rain.

Nevertheless, pine woods have considerably grown in usage and trend. It is because pine woods are very good material to build furniture. They are also very convenient for woodworkers as they are easy to work with.

So we see, both cedar and pine have their distinct set of qualities. By understanding them, it becomes easier to decide which one will provide better results.

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