Are Metal Bed Frames Toxic?

Metal bed frames have been around for decades and they are a popular choice among homeowners. They are durable, safe, and easy to install.

If you have a metal bed frame, you may have wondered about its safety of it. You may also be concerned about the possibility of toxic exposure from sleeping on your metal bed frame. While there is some concern about certain types of metal bed frames and toxic exposure.

Are metal bed frames toxic?

The short answer is no. Metal bed frames are non-toxic and are safe to use. You may have heard of metal beds causing cancer, but this is false.

Metal bed frames are often manufactured from materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, or brass. Most of these metals do not react to the environment and will last practically forever.

However, some of the lower-cost bed frames use cheaper metals that can be toxic. The most common toxic metal used in bed frames is lead. Lead is usually found in brass beds that have been painted with lead-based paint.

To make sure you are safe, always buy a quality brand-name bed frame that comes with a warranty. If you find a cheap price on an unknown manufacturer, always ask if there is any lead in the product.

Lead Exposure

The first major concern regarding metal bed frames is that they could contain lead. This has been a problem in the past with different types of products. A common example is a lead paint. If you have an older piece of furniture, there is a chance that it was painted with lead paint.

If you suspect that your bed frame might contain lead, you should take action to prevent exposure to it while sleeping. It’s important to note that this isn’t an issue with all metal bed frames, but if yours was made before 1996, it’s likely a good idea to find out if it contains lead.

To do this, you can purchase a lead test kit at most hardware stores and test the surface of your bed frame for lead. If it does not have any lead on it, then there is no need to take additional steps. However, if your bed frame has any amount of lead on its surface, just buy a new bed.

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