How To Apply Homax Wall Texture Orange Peel?

You might be wondering how to apply HOMAX Splatter/Knockdown Wall Texture, a fine, medium or heavy spray. To do so, you need to protect flooring, light plastic, and furniture from being sprayed. Shake the can vigorously for a minute before spraying. To achieve a consistent application, try it out on a scrap material first. This way, you’ll have an even application every time.

HOMAX Pro Grade(tm) Wall Texture

Designed specifically for knockdown and orange peel surfaces, HOMAX Pro Grade wall textures deliver the precision and control of a hopper gun, but don’t sacrifice performance. Whether you’re working with a small apartment or a large commercial building, the HOMAX Pro Grade Orange Peel Wall Texture will match your surface perfectly. The product is available in 25-ounce aerosol cans and is widely available at paint stores nationwide.

Designed with dual control technology for easier application and faster drying, Homax Pro Grade(tm) Orange Peel Wall Texture features a unique, ergonomic grip and pressure-adjustment dial. Its innovative chemistry delivers full-spectrum orange peel textures and an invisible repair for interior wall surfaces. And because it’s non-toxic, Homax Pro Grade Orange Peel Wall Texture doesn’t require primer, mixing, or hopper gun. It can cover up to 125 square feet.

HOMAX Splatter/Knockdown Texture

If you want to create a knockdown-style or orange peel texture for your drywall, you can use this Homax product. This texture can be sprayed on, which makes it ideal for patching existing interior drywall textures . However, knockdown textures require special techniques and tools to apply them properly, which means they may break or be accidentally painted. For this reason, it’s important to read the instructions carefully.

Splatter/Knockdown textures require weekly wiping. This finish contains creases and dents that can scratch furniture and leave marks on walls. These are also not recommended for large rooms or areas. A good rule of thumb is to apply a light coat if you’re not planning to cover a large area. Alternatively, a heavy coat can cover an area of 70 square feet.

This orange peel spray texture has an adjustable nozzle to help you control how much of the texture you want. You can apply it to the entire surface or just a specific spot. A thicker layer will create a heavier splatter or knockdown texture than a thin layer will. However, you’ll want to test the consistency on scrap material first. Using water will make the texture thicker.

Orange peel is another popular knockdown texture. It looks like the orange skin. Unlike knockdown textures, it’s much easier to apply and does not require tools. Simply spray on and let it dry. The texture is also very water-based, which makes it easy to clean up afterwards. However, it’s not a good idea to use orange peel on walls that are already painted. In this case, it would be best to use another texture instead.

Spraying orange peel texture

If you’re in the market for a new texture, a great way to add an elegant, professional-looking finish is by spraying an orange peel texture on the drywall. An orange peel texture is a great way to cover surface imperfections, reflect light, and add interest to any room. It also dries very quickly, making it an excellent choice for large-area texturing. While orange peel textures can be a little challenging to apply, this method is relatively easy.

If you’re working on drywall repair, you’ll need to apply Homax’s orange peel texture, which comes in an aerosol can. You can also use knockdown texture on drywall that’s already been patched up. When applying this type of texture, be sure to use a well-ventilated area and place protective materials over any surface to prevent spillage. To help prevent the texture from running onto the floor or furniture, you can lay down rosin paper or plastic before spraying the drywall patch.

If you’re spraying the orange peel texture on the wall, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right size for the wall. It can be either fine or heavy. Depending on the size of the wall, you’ll want to use a nozzle that can adjust to achieve a wide range of texture effects . If you’re unsure about which one is right for your wall, try mixing two different colors of orange peel texture and applying them in random fashion.

Orange peel is also known as splatter, eggshell, and a variation of that name. It’s a great texture option because it’s easy to clean and conceals flaws in your walls. This texture is popular in both new construction and rental properties. It’s also easier to apply than knockdown and does not require a compressor. However, it is not a good choice for high-traffic areas or rooms that have many imperfections.

Keeping consistency

Before applying the orange peel texture to your walls, you should first test the consistency on a scrap piece of material. You can add a little water to thin out the texture if it seems too thick. If you want a more intense orange peel effect, you can add more water. The texture should be applied at a depth of thirty to sixty-one centimeters. A thicker spray will result in a heavier knockdown and splatter.

To achieve the desired texture, you must use a paint sprayer equipped with a suitable tool. You can also buy a gravity-fed manual pressure sprayer. Unlike the airless sprayer, this tool does not need an air compressor. The sprayer works by sucking in the textured paint from the can and pushing it out through a front plate. The sprayer is adjustable, so you can control the consistency of the texture you spray.

If you do not have any special equipment, you can use a paint roller and drywall mud to apply the orange peel texture to your walls. Then, use a roller with a heavier nap for a smoother finish. Apply three coats of Behr paint. You can also apply the orange peel texture using a foam roller. Just remember to keep consistency throughout the entire project! If you are not comfortable using a roller, you can purchase a foam roller.

The texture will look like a thin layer of small bumps, but it’s not smooth. If you are looking for a more realistic texture, try a paint with an orange peel pattern. This texture is durable and easy to clean. If you do not want a smooth finish, consider using a wallboard instead. An orange peel texture can hide imperfections and hide blemishes. If you apply it to drywall, you should cut the orange peel with a metal spoon or heatproof spoon, which is best. Then, you need to make four vertical cuts around the orange, leaving only the topmost portion of the peel showing.


You can buy HOMAX(r) Pro Grade Wall Texture for as little as $16 a can at a home center. A can of knockdown texture covers 75 square feet, while an orange peel texture can cover up to 70 square feet. The can label indicates the area each application covers. You should purchase several extra cans in case you have leftover texture. The can label also tells you what the finished product will look like.

A knockdown texture is a type of wall finish that is applied in a two-step process. The contractor will spray a thin layer of the compound onto the wall, then trowel it to create a knockdown finish. Knockdown texture is less expensive and easier to apply than knockdown textures, but requires more work on the contractor’s part. The orange peel texture is a little harder to apply than knockdown textures, so it’s best for a DIY project.

You don’t need special tools to apply knockdown texture, but you will need a drywall-taping knife. You can also use a spray-on tool for drywall repair, but you should know that it’s easier to apply knockdown texture than orange peel. You can also buy a paint-stick tool that is convenient to apply on small areas. But you should make sure that the texture you choose will match the color and style of the wall.

Knockdown and orange peel textures are similar. However, orange peel requires a smaller amount of preparation time. Knockdown texture is a faster option, but it requires a larger amount of labor. Regardless, orange peel requires less work. Knockdown textures are better suited for large-scale commercial applications, such as hotels and hospitals. Knockdown drywall texture can be primed and painted, depending on how you decide to use it.

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