Hardwood Properties

Hardwoods are a major source of many construction and industrial projects. You will see a piece made of hardwood in every household. They have since ancient times been the charm of every property. There are several hardwood properties that makes it more appealing to use.

Different types of hardwood are preferred in various fields. They come with variant properties that make them unique, reliable, and dependable. Some hardwoods are the strongest and the hardest of all, and some come in the brightest and richest color.

And if you are planning on investing in hardwood, it is necessary to realize their major properties to get a better idea. Let’s discuss them below.

List of 8 Hardwood Properties

The properties of hardwood are as follows.

1. Dense

Hardwoods are produced by deciduous trees. They are usually very dense and thick. Their high density makes them a viable option for furniture making. But they are dense, which means it requires a little more effort.

2. Fire-resistant

Hardwoods are highly preferred due to another reason, and that is they are fire-resistant. Although not totally, they are more resistant than any other wood and do not take damage easily.

3. Rot and decay-resistant

Hardwoods are also not very prone to rot and decay. Although not all hardwoods are resistant to decay and rot in general, hardwoods such as Oak, Mahogany, Walnut wood are presumably better at resistance than any other wood. That makes them highly durable.

4. Strength and stability

Hardwoods being more dense and complex are known to have greater strength. Hardwoods like Oak and some other are hard, with Janka ratings ranging between 800-1300. That makes them stronger and more stable, making them preferably the best materials for furniture making.

Some hardwoods like Alder are also very stable even in climate fluctuating places. Such conditions do not affect them that makes them very dependable.

5. Versatile in nature

Most hardwoods are very versatile in nature. They have fine grain patterns and even texture that takes up stains and paints very well. That also adds why some hardwoods , such as oak, mahogany, ash, are highly preferred for making cabinets and beddings. They adapt to various designs and can work out best with any stain.

Also, most hardwoods are light-colored, making them easier to stain.

6. Longevity

Hardwoods are usually very long-lasting, and hence, they are the major source of house constructions like flooring, decking, etc. They are dense and durable that provides longevity better than any other wood. Their weatherproof feature also increases their longevity. Above that, they require less maintenance.

7. Slow growth rate

Hardwoods are dense, hard, and complex woods . Due to such features, hardwood trees have a slower growth rate. Most deciduous trees grow at a slower pace and number than other wood-yielding trees.

That property of hardwoods also adds to a reason why they are costlier than most woods.

8. Aesthetic character

While hardwoods are versatile, some hardwoods like Mahogany do not require any double-coated paint. They are naturally aesthetic woods with fine grain patterns and even texture. That makes them highly preferred woods for high-end furniture.

Many such hardwoods provide rich colors ranging from chocolate brown to reddish hues. They also exhibit aesthetic grain patterns, making them unique and very expensive.

These are the basic properties of hardwood. These characteristics are the reasons that make them the most popular and widely used woods and also the best. Hence, knowing these properties is a must.

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