Do Command Strips Work on Textured Walls?

If you’ve ever wondered: do command strips work on textured walls? If you haven’t yet, you may be disappointed. In this article, we’ll explain how the adhesive strips work, as well as some alternatives. Try Mixtiles, Adhesive hooks, or magnets instead. These alternatives all work just as well as command strips – and are just as easy to apply and remove.

Alternatives to command strips

If you have textured walls, you may be wondering what are some alternatives to command strips. Although they are highly effective, they do not adhere to textured walls . There are other methods for hanging objects, such as sticky pads and adhesive hooks. These options do not damage the wall’s texture, but they require you to drill holes. However, they can be a great option for those who don’t want to permanently damage their walls.

If you have bricks, textured walls, or other rough surfaces, don’t use the adhesive strips. Command strips will not adhere to unpainted bricks, because they do not have a smooth surface. If you have bricks, command strips will only adhere to those surfaces, which make them unsuitable for use on walls. Instead, use fabric or wallpapers. Lastly, command strips are only effective on walls that are smooth and free of ridges.

Another alternative to the adhesive strips is to use magnets to attach things to the wall. This solution is very popular amongst crafters, because it doesn’t damage the wall. Moreover, the magnets don’t leave any residue on the wall, so you can remove them at will. You can also attach the magnets on the back of decor with double-sided tape or adhesive hook and loop strips.

Aside from not sticking to bricks, you can also try putting hot glue to the wall before applying the strips. This solution can cause the adhesive strips to peel off easily, but you should be aware that it can damage the wall. Moreover, you should only use them if you are sure they will stick to the wall and not damage the wall’s texture. In addition, the adhesive strips can be quite expensive if you live in an apartment.

Mixtiles are a great alternative to command strips

Mixtiles are a wall-hanging system that is ideal for textured walls. The patented adhesive backing of the unit sticks to the wall, and the weight of the frame holds the tiles firmly against the wall. While command strips work well for temporary applications, they will likely leave your walls scratched or stained. Mixtiles are easy to remove without damaging the wall. To remove them, simply peel the tile back gently from the wall, and the command strips will come off cleanly.

If you have a textured wall, command strips are not an option. Instead, you can use magnetic dots or hook and loop velcro tape. These options do not permanently damage the walls, but they do require drilling. This solution is ideal for tenants or anyone who does not want to damage their walls. If you are hanging pictures or other items on the walls, you can use Command Strips on these textured walls.

Mixtiles are an excellent alternative to command strips for textured walls. Command strips are a great solution for smooth surfaces, but they aren’t as compatible with brick and textured walls. Because of this, you should avoid hanging decorations over the strips, as this can cause them to fall off or damage them. The weight of the decoration can also pull off the wall paint. To prevent this, choose an alternative wall decor material instead of command strips.

The cost of Mixtiles is affordable. The first three tiles are priced at $49 (includes shipping) each, but they get cheaper after that. Even if you’re not a designer, you can still enjoy the convenience of mixing and matching the photos on your walls and use Mixtiles as a design element. You can add a mix of photos and create a customized look in no time.

Adhesive hooks are a good alternative to command strips

There are several reasons why adhesive hooks are a better option than command strips on textured walls. Command strips are not effective on textured walls, brick, or non-stick surfaces. They also won’t stick to fabrics and wallpaper. Instead, you should try adhesive hooks to hang items without damaging the walls. You can use these hooks on any wall type and save money!

These hooks are designed to hold heavy items without damaging the wall. Unlike nails, they don’t damage the wall and can hold up to eight pounds. Before purchasing adhesive hooks, make sure to consider how much the object will weigh. Before installing them, weigh the object to be hung and choose the hook that will hold the most weight. You can also check the weight of each hook before installing it on the wall.

When choosing between adhesive hooks and command strips, consider the weight of the objects you are hanging. Command strips are made for lighter items, but hooks are better for heavier objects. You can also choose to hang heavy paintings and art prints. If the picture is too heavy, consider using decorative strings instead. Before installing any adhesive hook, make sure the wall is smooth and free from any roughness.

One drawback to adhesive strips is that they can be damaged by direct sunlight and heat. Also, they will not stick to brick walls if they have gaps between them. In addition, they won’t last long on walls that are prone to getting dirty. In such a case, you can use magnets or hook and loop strips instead. These alternatives are a good choice for textured walls .

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to command strips, consider using adhesive hooks instead. These are great for hanging picture frames and other items without damaging the walls. They have a high-performance adhesive and a flexible backing that makes them easy to apply and remove. They stick for an hour or so, but come off easily. Additionally, you can use adhesive hooks on glass and tile walls.

Magnets are a good alternative to command strips

The first reason why magnets are a better alternative to command strips on textured walls is because they aren’t stuck to the wall. Instead, magnets attach to the wall with double-sided tape or adhesive hook and loop strips. These strips are reusable and won’t leave behind a mess. A single magnet can hold a light object, but multiple magnets will increase the weight-bearing capacity. Ceramic and neodymium magnets are the strongest and can hold much more weight.

Command strips are the most common method for hanging posters. They can be purchased separately or as an accessory when ordering custom posters. Command strips are widely available at big box retailers, hardware stores, and even on Amazon. Another advantage of command strips is that they don’t leave any residue on the wall. In addition, they’re also cheap and easy to use. These strips don’t damage the wall and are great for those who rent or don’t want to deal with the hassle of wall holes. There are dozens of other alternatives to command strips, and a removable option will be best for textured walls.

If you’re worried about using the strips on textured walls, you can also use a magnet. Magnets are an easy way to hang photos, framed artwork, and other things. They won’t damage the wall, but they won’t stick to the textured wall. Also, if you’re renting an apartment, it’s a good idea to test them on the walls before deciding which product to use.

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