Why is My Wall Paint Blistering?

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Why is My Sofa Bobbling?

If you have ever wondered why your sofa is bobbling, you’re not alone. This common phenomenon affects millions of people each year, and can ruin well-loved sofas and sweaters. It happens when loose fibers from one part of the fabric move to the surface, where they are twisted into little balls by friction. In this … Read more

Is My Sofa Fire Retardant?

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Why Does My Grey Sofa Look Green?

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Why Does My Grey Sofa Look Brown?

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Why Does My Grey Sofa Look Purple?

Light gray sofas sometimes have a blue nuance to them. You can get away with using grey sofas in your living room if you are careful with color choices. Regardless of the type of sofa you purchase, the right wall color and rug will make it look more neutral. Lighting can also make a difference. … Read more

Why Is My Sofa So Hot?

Why is my sofa so hot? There are several factors to consider. The fabric on your sofa is the biggest culprit. Look for fabrics that have cooling and insulating properties. Fabrics that absorb static electricity are another good option. And arm covers. You’ll be surprised at how much difference they make. In this article, we’ll … Read more

Why is My Leather Sofa Peeling?

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